Chanel climbs into Eurovision’s feminine Olympus: it dazzles viewers and drives Spain crazy with its Chanelzo


The Spanish representative achieved Spain’s highest historical score at Eurovision with 459 points. Till there he came, being driven by eight twelve.

This has been the performance of the channel and winner Ukraine at Eurovision.
  • The last Ukraine won Eurovision and the channel won its chanelazo. Created history by reaching third place with
  • album moments of celebration

He has a new member since yesterday at the Eurovision Olympus of our country. By name Channel And with the surname I of Spain, he arrived in Turin with the (almost heroic) intention join the top 5 And, having left all of Europe at her own pace, she was in third place. Bronze with a taste of victory. Because intuition and even statistics say that, in a normal situation where Ukraine was not invaded by Russia, the glass microphone can now travel to Madrid.

And I would come again to a woman, Femininity was transformed into the most powerful weapon of our country in the festival. The two winners are women: Maisel and Salome. And in all other historical situations the woman is present. It is in second place behind Karina, Mosedades, Betty Misiego and Annabel Condé. Also in third place with Bravo Lady Lady.

Away are all the feats that the channel re-released yesterday. There was no Spaniard born after the 90s who would remember a podium at Eurovision. Since then 1995 Annabel Conde i did it with come back with me 27 years have passed with more troubles than happiness. Among the many applications without emotion and a shared mantra is that the festival was not of interest in Spain. Till last night.

This country has extreme taste By constant self-destruction and flourishing in celebration. The turn route to the channel is the fifteenth example. Her election, including a controversial vote to win the Benidorm Fest, launched a campaign of humiliation, disqualification and threats against the Hispanic-Cuban singer, who only yesterday received praise wherever she went.

He found them among his fellow professionals – from Eleni Forreira and Yotuel passing by Thala or David Sievera-, In the political class—from Pedro Sánchez to Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida passing through Yolanda Daz or Mikel Iketa—and even among his rivals in the pre-selection such as Rigoberta Bandini. And you will find them in all the public that this afternoon in Madrid will gather to dance in the Plaza Mayor slomo With him during the San Isidro festival.

This will be the first festival of Chanel in Spain, which achieved Spain’s highest ever score at Eurovision last night with 459 points. By then, she had arrived there by eight Twelves given by a jury from Portugal, San Marino, North Macedonia, Armenia, Ireland, Malta, Sweden and Australia. With Alone, she was already in third place behind the UK and Sweden.

Till the televote comes and Ukraine, who received 28 out of 39 high scores, rose up the rankings to become the winner. Back, Europe chose the Moldovan Zdob i Zdub and the Advahov Brothers and again the third channel, indicating that the continent wants and wants fun over the intensity of the ballads. In fact, the Spaniard was about to break into second thanks to a televote, reducing the distance to just 15 points (454) with the British Sam Ryder, much to the enthusiasm of all Spaniards.

at that time they were 7.9 million citizens who were watching TVE in front of the TV, That Fiesta has a total amount of 6.83 million and a 50.8% stake. The best figure for the past 13 years since Rodolfo Chiquiliquatre’s performance, but still 80.4% and a far cry from Rosa López’s more than 12 million viewers 20 years ago. While it is true that the landscape of television has changed in these two decades and the audience is no longer the same, there is confusion with it. It is also demonstrated by the 3 million views that their performance in the finals accumulates in just 13 hours of uploading.

“We are focused on what is ours and we are winners because we have given everything”, recognized the Spanish representative yesterday after the gala, is still wearing a Palomo Spain jumpsuit and black sunglasses to cover the eyes. “I’m not going to take them off, kids, I’m sorry. I’m made to cry with emotion,” she joked upon coming to the press meeting. And he kept them running because he could.

“Honestly, as I’ve said many times, I don’t work for others, I work for myself, for my team. I don’t want to know anything about bad energy and if shut up So it’s because of something. Natural,” Chanel said, leaving a message for those who want to raise it: “Nothing is written about cowards and we carried the art We have chosen it because it cannot be censored”.

Queen’s Word Make room for her because a star is born.

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