Chanel, hail the mother who gave birth to you

Eurovision Song Contest 2022



channel, during its performance
Chanel during her performance in Turin at the Eurovision Song Contest.AP
  • Festival Ukraine won Eurovision and the channel won its chanelazo. Created history by reaching third place with

Forecasts fulfilled. this year was Impossible to compete with UkraineWell, let’s admit it. Against the backdrop of solidarity with those who have suffered such a dastardly attack and against the Russian invasion, send a clear message that Victoria de los Kalush Orchestra It goes far beyond artistry. But Stefania is also a very competitive song. And if there’s some music, it’s emotion, and It was exciting to see this band Take part in the competition in such complicated conditions.

But what we have to celebrate here is Chanelzo. What a reliable third place! Blessed are you channel among all women, There is no room to thank our reps for the hard work that has been put together to prevent one of these Spain with the best performance Has participated in the long history of the Eurovision Song Contest. And above all to underscore the quality of the big numbers that marked the Grand Finals turn licked alpitour, We haven’t put the great Rigoberta Bandini’s breasts on stage. but Many ovaries have disappeared. Today it is a joke that everything in this country is flooded with toxic politics so Canite identifies Bandini with feminism and accuses the channel of looking down on her lyrics, her style and her interpretation. sexual objectification and subjugation The woman, as this Saturday left Europe breathless, has been a very powerful woman that someone saw and only came out screaming at her, Ole tu kuo! How Communalism blinds us, What a missed opportunity, Irene Monteiro.

Eurovision 2022 has been the most special edition All Eurofan Espaol Probably since Ruth Lorenzo a decade ago. It’s true that there have been years like Alfred and Amaya or Mickey in between, which generated a lot of interest for everything that moved OT. But it was never a good idea to take the victors to the festival and for those of us who loved the contest, it was clear that Spain would not eat a colon. Everything is different with the channel, And the feeling and illusion that a candidate has worked out to the millimeter accuracy of an athlete is priceless.

Whoever signed it would not have chosen Chanel at the Benidorm festival. And even today it is clear to me that O Mama!, The Anthem of Rigoberta, or Terra, by Tanxuguiraso, those are better songs than slomo. And yet, it is foolish not to admit that Catalan-Cuban was the best representative for this year. Because we are working with a great artist who has Known for extracting oil about the subject. And the three-minute show she starred in is extraordinarily difficult—who said she danced great but didn’t sing crap, ask to see the ENT doctor—that she plowed with accuracy, thoroughness, and roundness. does. of whom very few are capable Seeing yourself in a competition of these characteristics. No one can be surprised that the Italian stadium has turned upside down as it has with Chanel because every enthusiast knows how to pay deserving worship to a diva touched by a divine halo like her. what a taste for acting, The choreography is very well thought out with some exceptional dancers which should also be appreciated. And the fine lighting and production design work that made the Spanish display undoubtedly the most outstanding of the 25 at Night.

what has been out of this 2022 The Great Revenge of the So-Called Big Five, Along with Sweden, which should be part of this club of Eurovision privileges, it has been the larger countries that have saved a version of average quality compared to the previous editions. but just to see if UK, Spain and Italy This festival has been worth it. How deserving would Sam Ryder’s win have been; Be the moral winner of Forever 2022. And how good it would be for the competition if the next edition was run by the BBC.

In any case, we have once again enjoyed a night of television like no other, in which it also plays European sense of unity That, 67 years later, Eurovision continues to radiate, and it takes on a very powerful meaning in a context such as the current one marked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and a heinous war that has somehow awakened all of us Europeans from innocence. hammer blow. Good for presenters. nice to see the great laura pausini And along with that iconic international star who is Mika, is a figure of Italian television who has proven himself to be a great master of nightly celebrations like Alessandro Cattelan. Although we can’t escape the nostalgia and feel a deep sadness at the thought that, if she hadn’t left us last year, perhaps this Eurovision Song Contest would have been presented by one of the greats, Raffaella Carr.

In conclusion, we underline that this year TVE has done almost everything well with Eurovision, and it is good to recognize that. Commitment to the Benidorm Festival opens a path that must be consolidated and serve as a platform To elect our representatives for many years. Eurovision 2023 starts tomorrow. Now we have to start thinking of new artists, new songs, new bets. And it would be nice, yeah, that the next Benidorm festival wouldn’t make that much difference Enrollment so closed And goals such as those of Chanel and others were presented as wrapped in an amateurishness that required a lot of polishing and made them less competitive.

And hail the mother who gave birth to you, Chanel.

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