Chaos and panic in the final of Champions: Saint-Denis: “They were going to be sacked, to steal everything” | champions league 2021

Liverpool 0 – Real Madrid 1


Many Madrid fans faced robberies at the entrance and exit of the Stade de France, where police forces were unable to control groups of criminals.

Riot Police, S
Riot forces, on Saturday, on the outskirts of the Stade de France.AFP

“They came to snatch everything from us, to rob us, but it was the genders who threw pepper spray and rubber bullets at us. We went down in the subway and it had already become a mousetrap. Tried to go look for a taxi, they asked for 300 euros to get you out of there.” Beneath this testimony, amidst disbelief and outrage, fit many other stories. Hundreds of Real Madrid fans who were caught in the organizational chaos of the Champions League on Saturday. speech Enrique Cazorla, Madridista member since 1987, veteran of five other finals. “We started running and we heard police gunfire. We took our six-year-old boy in our arms and covered his face so that he could not see the horrors.”

After midnight, scenes of panic followed each other as white fans exited the Stade France. Between gates N, L and K, along the narrow path that leads to the entrance to the metro line 13. Stairs without railings, a floor covered with glass. “They were going to push and sack everyone who came in the way,” he says. I saw that a policeman had run away with his gun. Luis Francisco Abanades, another direct witness. “Seeing the danger, we took some broken bottles from the ground to defend ourselves, although we didn’t have to use them,” said the hotelier from Legans.

Marginalization in Saint-Denis, a suburb with a large Muslim community from former French colonies, exploded in front of security forces, unable to control the criminal mob. “They came in groups of four and shouted ‘Hello, Madrid’ before cornering you. Looking for your mobile, your wallet or your backpack. Some will run away with money in their socks,” he explains. mark barnabusDe la Pi Capote y Montera, with three decades as a member on the cards.

shortage of soldiers

purse even after changing hands Vanessa gave rise to another danger of ambush. In it he had kept the keys of the hotel where he was staying, so the thieves called there. “They said they found it and wanted to return it. At the reception they told us not to even think about going back there. In any case, we insisted that we reward them for it. Then he started threatening me, telling me that he knew where I was living and that he would go looking for me to rape me”, it tells Madrilaneian.

The paucity of police officers with less CRS riot force became apparent two hours before the finals began. At the time, one of the criminals’ primary motives was to have tickets in digital format, which could cost up to 1,000 euros on resale at the time. “Arriving from the fan zone, first into the security ring, we saw a crowd before reaching the bridge leading to the stadium. We realized they were trying to take photos on our mobile phones, trying to grab tickets. code”, says Barnabu.

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