Chavista extremists attack Guede


Revolutionary extremists stunned the opposition leader and his team in a meeting room in San Carlos and ousted them with chairs and stones, pelting them with stones.

John Guede
After attacking Juan Gued.Twitter
  • Venezuela Juan Gued, a leader who is always in the eye of the storm

Chavista mob attacked this afternoon John GuedeVenezuela’s interim president, in a meeting room St. Charlescapital of the plains state damn, after a political act. The revolutionary radicals stunned the opposition leader and his team in the campus and drove them out with chairs and stones, thrashing, thrashing. The protection of several followers managed to prevent the attack from escalating into an ambush, which resulted in several injuries.

Already last week another group of radicals, led by municipal leaders United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV)I attacked opponents preparing for a political task maracaiboborder state capital Julia. The decisive reaction of the opponents who showered chairs against Chavist prevented the attack on the Speaker of the Democratic Parliament.

“I tell Maduro clearly: we are here and we will be here until we achieve democracy in our country with our people. They are going to see us all over the country, we are not going to back down A week before they wanted to sabotage, I’d say they came out with boards over their heads, but it was with chairs over their heads,” Gued insisted minutes before the proselytizing act and the new invasion. Told.

take this tour freddy superlanoleader of popular will who defeated his brother Hugo Chavez in the election of barinas, but was later disabled by the government. Regional elections were repeated with the same result.

Chavista media and allied circles with the Bolivarian regime have tried to imitate that both actions are the product of internal divisions within the opposition and are not just another attack by the leader since his accession to the presidency. . National Assembly In January 2019.

“This is the script of torture: physically attack Juan Gued with groups of violent bandits. But with their criminal violence they will not be able to prevent the political change that the Venezuelan people so strongly hope for. We against Gued Deny and condemn their violent acts,” he censored. Andrs Velsquez, leader of reason r and Guad’s associates.

Leader of the Opposition did not join in the end America’s summitDespite the fact that the administration Joe Biden I value it till the last minute. pressure of Mexico and the debate arising from their presence Los Angeles He decided to avoid further problems with the White House and bet on a phone call between the leaders minutes before the official opening on Wednesday. This was justified as a strategic action from those in charge of the government, despite the fact that during the Continental Conference various officials gave evidence of the “stagnation” in which their strategy on Venezuela finds itself.

after the boycott Nicolas MaduroWashington is still waiting for Chavismo to return to the negotiating table in Mexico, after renewing some licenses for US oil companies beamItalian anise and Spanish Repsol To return to the South American country.

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