Chilean journalist Francisca Sandoval died on May 1 after being shot in the head


The incident happened during the Labor Day protest, in which incidents were recorded

francisca sandovali
Act in memory of slain Chilean journalist Francisca Sandoval.Alberto ValdesEFE

Chilean journalist francisca sandovaliof channel Sign 3 Victorydied this Thursday at the hospital, where he was admitted on May 1 after being shot in the head during a demonstration labor day,

During the sit-in demonstration organized by Workers’ Class Center in Alamedaincidents were reported in barrio mags and in various stores in the area, according to the newspaper Bobo Chili,

According to the newspaper, Sandoval was covering a violent disturbance when a group of street vendors fired firearms at the crowd, injuring at least three people, including a journalist. Bobo Chili, 29-year-old journalist transferred public aid emergency hospitalWhere he was operated upon and kept on life support for at least 12 days, in critical condition showing no signs of further improvement.

“This is how the worst tragedy in Latin America begins,” said the Chilean president. Gabriel BorikAfter hearing the news. A few days later, he went to the hospital and met his relatives across the country in an atmosphere that had held rallies to condemn what happened, as the newspaper reported. third,

“We would like to express our deepest condolences to the family of Francesca. She died at 10:55 am this morning, after a long, hard fight, after nearly 12 days in the unit she worked hard in, where she was in a very critical condition. After receiving a wound from a ballistic projectile in his brain, after a major surgery and despite all the efforts of the medical team, he sadly passed away this morning,” Dr. Daniel RodriguezHead of the ICU, as collected imolo,

“Francisca left us. They murdered her”

Upon learning of his death, Boric offered his condolences to the family on his official Twitter profile, where he assured that “violence damages democracy and irreparable damage to families.” “Our commitment is to security and justice, and we will not rest in that worry,” he said.

For its part, the media outlet he worked for, Seal 3 Victoria“We will miss you and we will do everything we can to find the truth”, have joined in the condolence and posted on their Twitter profile. They said, “Francisca left us. They killed her.”

United Nations in Chile He also expressed in a statement that “he hopes that justice can clarify the facts promptly and efficiently to deliver truth and compensation to his family and the entire society.” “The United Nations reaffirms the call to protect the freedom of the press and the right to information, not only to guarantee the work of journalists and those working in the media, but to ensure that one of the key pieces of democracy Is for.” indicated.

Thus, he recalled that “it is the duty of the states to guarantee the exercise of the right to peaceful assembly and to protect the protesters, journalists, observers. human right“, as well as “possible attacks against health brigades and other members of the public or abuse by non-state agents, both due to interference and violence by other citizens or against protesters.”

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