China launches computer purge


Doesn’t want foreign computers and operating systems in state offices and government-controlled companies

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The Chinese government plans to change in the next two years All foreign brand computers currently in use in state offices and corporations that are supported or controlled Beijing. And not only are his eyes fixed on him hardware, they want the team too stop using the operating system developed outside the country, such as windows, And start using your own.

This is a way to Replacement of over 50 million devices companies like Ditch hey Himachal Pradesh -Two of the world’s largest PC vendors- in favor of local companies like lenovo, What else to start, according to the agency bloomberg, in the middle of May.

The decision is part of a new strategy developed by the central government avoid dependency From the US to a country of technology, a position that is increasingly viewed as risky from a geopolitical point of view.

Recent tariffs and the inclusion of Chinese companies, such as huawei, within the list of entities with which US companies cannot do business He has shown the Chinese government how dire the situation can be if support for these devices or their operating systems is suddenly stopped.

But the decision is also influenced by other factors, such as New guidelines on information security and data security and Beijing’s desire to encourage and promote local brands and developers, which in recent years have managed to create Software Much more competitive and adapted to the needs of the country’s companies.

Although the goal is to try to reduce dependence on foreign technology, China is unlikely to succeed in isolating itself completely. It has strong local brands, such as the aforementioned Lenovo, but still relies on components designed outside the country, such as processors. Intel You amd or the modem Qualcomm, which are important for these devices.

Various agencies and companies They will be able to continue buying foreign equipment If they need them for exceptional cases, but only after obtaining government approval.

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