China sends 30 warplanes to Taiwan Air Defense Zone


This is the second biggest intrusion of the year

Photo provided by Taiwan Defense Ministry
Simulation of Taiwanese armed forces with missiles.EFE
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a week after the president Joe Biden For the first time openly stating that the United States would defend Taiwan in the event of an invasion by China, from Peking they evacuated 30 fighters, including 20 fighters, to fly with an autonomous over the island’s air defense zone (ADIZ) Is. government but which China considers a separate province.

This is the second largest infiltration this year. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said Monday night that it has deployed an air defense missile system to monitor the latest Chinese activity. So far this year, the island has reported 465 incursions into its ADIZ, which is not about its airspace, but an area outside the country’s territory, but where foreign aircraft identify themselves for surveillance. Chinese do not.

Taiwan’s ADIZ covers parts of the mainland China, but island authorities do not report an intrusion until aircraft have crossed the midline separating the straits. A record 969 raids were conducted last year, more than double the 380 in 2020.

China has intensified military activities around Taiwan in the past two years. Since 1980, Beijing has presented Taipei with the option of joining the “one country, two systems” formula, the format established in Hong Kong, according to which the island would have significant autonomy if it were to reunify. accepts, although it will be a jugaad of governance. but the president Tsai Ing-wenThe pro-independence court, which has been in office since 2016, has always opposed that formula.

Taiwan has a great political ally and the largest supplier of arms to the United States. Conversely, even Washington has never formally referred to Taiwan’s independence. Last week, during an Asian tour that took Joe Biden to Japan, the US president said Washington would be ready to militarily defend Taiwan if China attacked.

US committed to defending Taiwan

Biden said he did not expect Beijing to attempt the promised reunification with Taiwan, but stressed that his country remains committed to military defense of the autonomous island “if need be.” His remarks seem to break from the traditional US position of “strategic ambiguity” on Taiwan, which will stir Beijing. But a White House official said, “There is no change in US policy towards Taiwan.”

The Taiwan Relations Act of 1979, which governs US relations with the island, does not require Washington to intervene military to defend Taiwan if China invades, but makes US policy to ensure that the nation has the resources to defend itself and avoid any unilateral attack. who changes his position.

A few days ago, the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, Accused Beijing of escalating tensions on the island. Blinken specifically cited the aircraft raid on the ADIZ as an example of “increasingly provocative rhetoric and activity”. The largest number of planes flown by Beijing in a single day was 56 on October 4, 2021. There were a record 196 flights that month, mostly around China’s annual National Day celebrations.

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