Chinese immigrants who attacked California church were politically motivated by tensions between China and Taiwan


68-year-old David Chow traveled from Las Vegas (Nevada) to the city of Laguna Woods to commit a crime

Laguna Woods Church where the attack took place.
Laguna Woods Church where the attack took place.jc hongAP
  • America One killed and five injured in a shooting at a church near Los Angeles

David ChowSuspected of opening fire this Sunday in a church on the outskirts of Los AngelesOfficials said on Monday that there was apparently a political motive for the attack, which left one dead and five injured.

68-year-old Chow, who played . traveled from Vegas, Nevada) for the city of Laguna Woods On Saturday afternoon, he suffered anguish for a “hate crime”.

Chinese immigrant from Las Vegas was arrested after the attack he carried out around 1:30 pm Geneva Presbyterian Churchin Laguna Woods, a town southeast of Los Angeles, which brings together a community of taiwanese immigrant,

don barnersThe head of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said preliminary investigations suggest it was a “politically motivated hate incident” caused by tensions between China and Taiwan.

Chow is under arrest and facing five felony counts of one felony count of murder and attempted murder.

Orange County Prosecutor, Todd Spitzer, announced at a news conference that it had added special circumstances to the charges that would make Chou eligible for life imprisonment or the death penalty if convicted. Spitzer said hate crimes “will not be tolerated” in this county.

Officials are investigating what the attacker did in the hours before the attack.

man before shooting block church exits in order to prevent people from running away. It is estimated that there were about 50 people, most of whom were elderly.

The same parishioners managed to arrest and subdue the man, who was carrying two weapons, officials said. Various cartridges, Molotov cocktails and incendiary devices were also found.

Chow, a naturalized US citizen, worked as a security guard in Las Vegas, which allowed him to legally purchase the weapon.

On the other hand, the officials identified the doctor. john cheng53, as the man who lost his life in the shooting while trying to protect the rest of the parishioners.

Among the injured are an 86-year-old woman and four men aged 92, 82, 75 and 66. All of them are of Asian origin.

Barners explained that so far Chow’s ties to the church have not been found.And that the shooter had no known religious affiliations.

The suspect’s home in Las Vegas, more than 270 miles (435 kilometers) north of Laguna Woods, was searched.

Officials set a $1 million bond for Chow.

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