Chocolate bars and jelly bears: Scholz’s briefcase on the train to Kyiv


The railway on which the three European leaders traveled was blue and had nine cars, three per delegation.

Olaf Scholz, on the right, with Draghi and Macron, and a large security deployment at Irpin.
Olaf Scholz, on the right, with Draghi and Macron, and a large security deployment at Irpin.ludovic marinAFP
  • war in ukraine Macron, Scholz and Draghi arrive in Kyiv to meet Zelensky

Chocolate bar, jelly beer and a bottle of Pinot Noir. this is what the chancellor wore Olaf Scholzo To face the ten-hour train in his briefcase that he shared with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron and the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi From Poland to Kyiv. So that the three leaders were not short of anything, their respective advisers loaded food and drink ration at the shady Przemysl station, bordering southern Poland and Ukraine. Romanian Prime Minister Klaus Iohannes joined the trio in Kyiv. He chose another path.

According to the German agency DPA, the journey was enjoyable as far as it goes. Ukrainian Railways ensured that the three delegations had enough space. Train, blue and with the inscription “Diplomatic Travel” on each sideNine wagons were involved, three per delegation.

Draghi was in the lead, Macron in the middle and Scholz in the tail. Once established, the trio, representing the most important economies of the European Union and members of the G-7, met in the dining car for a conversation between the Six Eyes. The atmosphere was relaxed and there was laughter too. As if a trip to Kyiv was child’s play, It is true that the Russian authorities were informed in advance, but still, it is always dangerous to pass through war zones.

It is not known how long the three leaders discussed and with whom in that conversation any strategy was agreed before the meeting? Volodymyr Zelensky The most important thing happened. No other visit, including European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and American Nancy Pelosi, piqued his interest.

Once in Kyiv, Draghi, Scholz and Macron are transferred to a hotel and to be in position, air danger siren sounded, According to the reporters stationed there, he was not being heard for several days, so the idea is free. The citizens of Kyiv did not flare up.

Irpin’s Journey to Destruction

Cleaned up and wearing a tie, the convoy headed for an undisclosed location, as the meeting place with Zelensky has been kept secret. Shortly afterwards it turns out that the convoy, already accompanied by Iohannis, went to the city of Irpin. there the first announcements were presented and they were for Strongly condemn the “brutality” of the Russian war of aggression.

Scholz spoke of senseless violence, targeting innocent civilians, and the destruction of homes. “This says a lot about the brutality of Russia’s aggressive war, which is meant only for destruction and conquest.” For Scholz and the rest of his colleagues, the destruction at Irpin is a “very important reminder” that something must be done. Without ensuring Ukraine’s international solidarity, the foreign minister insisted, “Russia is promoting it with the greatest cruelty without regard for human life. And this must also end.” In neighboring Bucha, about 300 people were executed. In Irpin after the withdrawal of Russian troops at the end of March.

It is not known what that reminder will be, but Zelensky’s requests are clear: status as a candidate country for the European Union and arms, the many weapons and the heavier the more modern the better. Zelensky doesn’t want leaders who just go to take pictures. He doesn’t want promises. He wants facts and an expiration date.

While awaiting the end of this journey, the only one who has achieved it is Scholz. There will be no further discussion about whether I should travel or not.

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