Christiana Chamorro completes one year after her arrest


One of Daniel Ortega’s political rivals with proclamations in favor of his independence is serving his first year under house arrest and another 181 political prisoners held by civil society.

Christiana Chamorro, in a file image.
Christiana Chamorro, in a file image.George TowersEFE
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The image is outrageous, only one is known about Christian Chamorro In his home confinement, which has been a year this Thursday. Wearing striped pajamas, espadrilles and a white coat, the presidential candidate is seen with his arms crossed and his face uncovered in the middle of a room in his home. By her side, armed, wearing a beret and bulletproof vest, is an agent of the Nicaraguan National Police, much younger than her rival. Daniel Ortega’s dictatorship and Rosario Murillo.

Chamorro is the only candidate not referred to a Sail at the Frightening Nuevo ChipotleBut his parents insist on turning his home into an exemplary prison, where he can’t even watch television. That has been the purpose of the distribution of his captured photo on social networks weeks ago.

“There was a Chamorro. campaign of stigma and criminalization against And that photo is part of that campaign. It tries to defame them, expose them to public opinion and their sympathizers. The image actually generated a lot of disapproval and disapproval. It is part of the construction that Murillo has built around the Chamorro family, marked by a sense of revenge. And, in particular, against her, as we saw with statements made months before her capture, to which Christiana publicly responded. It is this factor that triggered the subsequent events,” assures EL Mundo, sociologist Elvira Cuadra, director of the Center for Transdisciplinary Studies of Central America.

A new chapter in the Nicaraguan nightmare that just began a year ago. The Sandinista Caudillo Search and capture order for all presidential candidates, as well as activists and journalists who particularly harassed him because of his self-consecration in November. Chamorro was the first to be accused of money laundering through the Violet Barrios de Chamorro Foundation, founded by her mother with the aim of helping the free press.

“You want to tarnish my name, but you will never succeed, neither my father (the journalist Pedro Joacun Chamorro killed by the Somoza dictatorship) nor my mother. Eight years in prison, against his brother Pedro Joaquín A year less than the sentence, which was also weighing the prospect of citizens running for freedom.

Both the Foundation and Christiana and her associates were also imprisoned, they were also sentenced to pay a million-dollar fine, an epilogue to a sentence that is justified by underlining. Attacks against country’s stability and treason “Committed” by condemnation.

“These are government fabricated crimes”criticized his brother from exile, Carlos Fernando Chamorro, who have returned to claim freedom for 181 political prisoners. “Everyone is innocent,” he insisted.

“If there was any doubt about the repressive nature of the Ortega regime, the arrest of Cristiana Chamorro sent a clear message that Ortega was ready to end the political opposition to cling to power. The subsequent judicial farce, in which she was Forced to wear a blue uniform and they handcuff him and take him to a hearing at El Chipote, the brutality of one is revealed. brutal regime that seeks to silence any expression of discontent Through criminalization and humiliation to remain in power,” Tamara Tarasiuk, acting US director of Human Rights Watch (HRW), told this newspaper.

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