Ciudadanos challenges the PP with an initiative to eliminate the distinction between “nationalities and regions” of the Constitution

It’s in Article 2 of the Magna Carta


Presents a resolution in Congress to force the popular to portray himself after the statements of Feijo and Bandodo

The leader of the Cs, Ins Arrimadas, in Barcelona last Sunday.marta prazzoEFE
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Citizens have presented an initiative in Congress to urge the amendment of Article 2 of the Constitution With the aim of eliminating the “distinction” made in that Spain is made up of “nationalities and regions”. Instead, the Liberal Party proposes that the Spanish nation, in the words of the Magna Carta, be “composed of 17 autonomous communities and two autonomous cities.”

INS Arimadas after being involved in a great controversy for two episodes due to new nuances in its position driven by Naya Disha of Popular wants to force this debate. On a visit to Barcelona, ​​Alberto Nez Feijo described Catalonia as a “nationality”. And, in an interview a few days later in party number three, EL Mundo, they bandodo, refers to Spain as a “multinational” country. A concept that he later corrected and believed was a mistake.

Thus, Ciudadanos digs into the mess that PP is trying to get out of. Oranges To coerce seek with their illegal offer popular should be featured and face that debate in Congress with a vote in the middle.

Furthermore, it falls within a context that is marked solely by regional elections in Andalusia. For this reason, the Liberal Party is going to try to such an extent that this debate and vote can be done before the election on June 19.

The leader of Ciudadanos, Ines Arimadas, has announced this initiative at an informative breakfast in Seville to introduce his candidate for the board, Juan Marn. He explained that the expression “nationality and territory” makes autonomy “first and second” and that “Andalusia has always been placed in second-tier regions”.

In the unlawful resolution, to which EL Mundo had access, Ciudanos justified that the expression “nationality” in Article 2 of the Constitution left the door open to “devious interpretations of the concept of nationality”. In this sense, he says that some “initially innocuous” terms are being used in an “incredulous and illegitimate” way, “to justify the disparity in the rights of Spanish citizens in different regions, as well as in some autonomous communities”. to disregard”. Other”.

“free and equal”

Arimadas assures that the new wording of Article 2 proposed by Ciudadanos seeks to “guarantees” that Spain is a “country of free and equal citizens” so that “there are no first and second class citizens or first and second class territories”. .

Illegal propositions have no legal value, only declarative. So they neither change laws nor open constitutional reforms. They are motions that openly debate a variety of subjects for the Chamber to discuss and pronounce itself. A bill would be needed to really open up the entire process of constitutional reform, which has regulated channels. The problem is that Ciudadanos has a very limited quota to offer this second type of initiative.

In any case, the text will be almost identical. The proposal urges the government to promote a reform project. This is explained in two points. One will eliminate the distinction between “nationalities and regions” in article 2. And second, replace its words with another one that “protects equality among Spaniards.” His proposal is this: “The Constitution is based on the indissoluble unity of the Spanish nation, a country of free and equal citizens, the common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards, composed of 17 autonomous communities and two autonomous cities, and that guarantees solidarity among all of them.”

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