Climb a bridge below: “It’s ridiculous and stupid, it’s a huge success”


Two English stuntmen, Whitaker and Randall, take advantage of an anti-vibration crack from traffic to cross a 2,500-foot bridge

Whitaker and Randall, in full swing.
Whitaker and Randall, in full swing.ray wood
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a bridge. Yes, a bridge. Cement bridge. A long bridge, 762 m, and quite wide, with three lanes in each direction. On the Exe River in the south of the United Kingdom, on the M5 motorway. You can cross by truck, car or motorcycle or even illegally, by bicycle or on foot. You can jump from it. It can be photographed. You can just watch. And all. Don’t do that? “A bridge can also be climbed, of course,” says the climber. Pete Whitaker In conversation with the world and the answer is a question: “What?!”.

Down the middle, through the crack that re-accommodates the traffic vibrations, he and his friend Tom Randall He invented a new feature and in that, he opened a path last spring. It took them four days and four nights, but yes, yes, they did climb a bridge. “I know it’s ridiculous and stupid, but it’s also a huge success for World Ascent,” Whitaker says, prompting a second question: “Why did they do that?”

“Because of the pandemic we couldn’t travel the great rock walls of the United States, which was our goal, and all day we thought: ‘Imagine if there was a great passage closer to home’. And, well, we found it. It was very motivating from the start because it presented us with a lot of physical and logistical constraints”, explains Whitaker, who, along with Randall, form the Wide Boys, one of the best couples in the world. Experts in extreme fissures. With so much pull that they even have their own marketing and climbing materials for sale, the ‘Bridge Boys’ project began as an epistolary entertainment for the couple and ended as one of Reel Rock’s documentaries, Which is the best travel ‘outdoor’. Film festival, which is roaming Spain these days.

After passing through Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Madrid, Seville, Badajoz and other cities, the movies can be seen in Granada (Megarama Cinema) this Tuesday, in San Sebastian (Truba) on Thursday, St. Luis, Menorca (Talaotic) on Friday ) can be seen in. Monkey), on Monday the 23rd in Bilbao (Bilborrock) and then Zaragoza, Ibiza, Pamplona, ​​Cuenca, Benasque…


According to Whitaker, he had already climbed several small bridges for fun or training, but had never considered making it a real challenge. Among the difficulties that were always horizontal, the fact of moving logically, and many other obstacles were not so easy to see with the naked eye.

“The bridge moved far enough away from the traffic going on it. For example, when a large truck is passed, the structure will vibrate, contract, and expand so that a good crack suddenly breaks down. Never ever do that sort of thing. used to be rock climbs, it was a rarity that we got used to,” reveals Whitaker, who also points to dust as an obstacle: “Many people told us that the noise bothered us. , but surprisingly we got used to it. Al, we only saw it at night, when it stopped. It was worse than the dirt, dust, dirt falling into our eyes. We had to wear protective glasses to be able to see lay down.”

“Indeed, what was fascinating was that we were in completely unknown territory, both for us and for anyone. Because of the rarity of the place and because it was a phenomenal achievement: no one had ever climbed such a tall roof.” . We had to train specifically and then it happened to us.” Invoice”, reassures Whitaker, to whom an entire universe could be opened. Having already discovered climbing bridges, he and Randall can now launch themselves at Tower Bridge in London, which is already The bridge achieved is much shorter than the Pont Nuf in Paris or even the much longer Golden Gate Bridge, which is already in the United States.

“No, no, we are not going to climb any more bridges, there would be no point in doing that. We have already lived the experience and we have already closed that chapter. I prefer that we climb Find out other strange and wild ideas within.”, concluded Whitaker, who has recently been climbing through Norway. Obviously, anything can be climbed out of their experience. to a bridge. Yes, a bridge.

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