Cocaine of great purity in the genitals: this is how Marta Calvo’s confessed killer was put to death


The trial begins against Jorge Ignacio Palma for the deaths of three girls and attempt on eight others. He faces 130 years or permanent reviewable prison. Marta’s body still missing

Marisol Buru
Marisol Byrne, mother of Marta Calvo in the City of Justice.B otherEFE
  • Interview Marta Calvo’s mother, before her alleged murderer’s trial: “I wish she never saw the sunlight again, like my daughter doesn’t see it”

130 years or permanent prison reviewable for murder of three women, attempted murder of another eight, eleven offenses of sexual abuse and one offense against public health. Starting today, nine members of a popular jury will determine the crime George Ignatius Palma in the murder of Martha Bald,Arlene Ramos You Lady Marcella Vargas and attempted seven others. In all cases, he acted in a similar way: arranging sexual dates with her, in which, against his will, using a “fraudulent affair”, he inserted highly purified cocaine stones into her vagina. Three of them died, the rest managed to survive with no consequences. In Marta Calvo’s case, not only was he her alleged killer, but he also did not want to reveal anything about the whereabouts of the young woman’s body. He first confessed to separating her after meeting him at his home in Manuel (Valencia) in November 2019, but remained silent for lack of evidence.

The trial begins with the selection of nine members of the jury from 26 members selected by lottery to hear more than 100 testimonies during the month, which is expected to last until an oral hearing of a case, which is actually eleven. There are micro-tests, one for each victim of the accused. All survivors will testify, six of them will be represented by the perpetrator. Juan Carlos Navarro, and he will describe how he arranged his meetings with Jorge Ignacio and how he observed that he injected the drug into his genitals despite his resistance and suffered consequences that required medical attention such as tachycardia, dizziness, or loss of consciousness. Attention was required. “They are terrified,” admitted his lawyer, who accuses Jorge Ignacio of two murders, six attempted murders, sexual abuse and crimes against public health. “We are facing a feminism,” he said.

Against all of them we use the same modus operandi. a Arlene Ramos He left her to die in April 2019. When he intoxicated her with high-purity cocaine, she started having convulsions and left without helping her. Her colleagues called SAMU and after nine days in coma, the girl died. In the room where they met, cocaine of 81.67% purity was found, along with a glass of wine and the girl’s blood.

Two months later, in June, the same thing happened Lady Marcella, In her case, the coca stone she inserted into her vagina was 90.31% pure. According to the account collected during the investigation, “she started having convulsions, and the accused then covered her mouth so that she would not scream, until she died of cardiorespiratory failure.” Then he left the house where he was called. The post-mortem found 9.31 ml of blood and another intoxicant.

His appointment was in the early hours of November 7, 2019 Martha Baldo, The condition was to maintain an association with cocaine consumption, a “white party”, and for this they moved to their rented house in Manuel, a small town in the interior of Valencia. “With violence or intimidation” he overcame Marta’s resistance, “thus infringed on her sexual freedom”, and supplied her with “cocaine in excessive quantity and purity, which could produce a serious or fatal effect”. “. According to Jorge Ignacio’s account before the Civil Guard, the three surrendered, dismembered and disposed of the body, “which still, despite efforts and exhaustive searches, has not been found without providing space to Jorge Ignacio.”

Marisol Byrne, spokesperson for the victims

Marta Calvo’s mother, Marisol BurnWanted to establish himself as the voice of the victims upon arrival in the City of Justice. With his voice brimming with emotion and full of tears, he assures that all he asks is “justice be done.”

“I have endured two and a half years and I will endure till the end. I ask a lot of strength from my daughter and she is giving me every day to be in court and be the voice of them all,” he assured.

Marta Calvo’s mother asked the jury to understand: “I hope that you have placed yourself in my place as a mother who has taken my daughter from me very unfairly.”

Despite the fact that Jorge Ignacio for two and a half years refused to reveal where the body was, Marisol Byrne maintains the hope that “it may collapse when he testifies or when his mother testifies.” ” “You can’t live like that,” he sentenced.

Marta’s mother assured that she was not afraid of the accused, nor “anger, nor hatred, nothing. I only remember my daughter. She is indifferent to me,” she said, and completely defied the penal code. focuses on modifying to harden. Punishment for hiding the corpse. “I believe this law will go ahead, that is my purpose and I am going to fight so that my daughter is the last, because parents cannot live with this pain and are not able to rest themselves in peace. That is why I am fighting and I have enough strength to pursue this law and I am going to get it.”

For his part, Jorge Ignacio’s defense denied that, as the allegations corroborate, he resembled the profile of a serial killer with the same demeanor and similar profile of the victims. In fact, his lawyer sought acquittal because he did not force any woman to maintain the relationship nor did he intend to kill her. His story is that everything was consensual, the use of cocaine was agreed upon and, therefore, the poisoning of the victims was an accident. In the case of Marta Calvo, she maintains her version of the rebuttal.

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