Colin Cantwell, creator of the Death Star and most famous Star Wars ships, dies


Colin Cantwell not only worked for Star Wars but also for 2001: 2001: A Space Odyssey or Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Colin Cantwell
File image of Colin Cantwell and George Lucas looking at their Star Wars model.instagram

death Starstarfighter x wingstar destroyer, tie fighter and almost all the legendary ships of the universe star wars Were created by American conceptual artist and directorColin CantwellHe died this Saturday at the age of 90, as confirmed by his wife to US media.

Although his most famous works are those he did for the saga of star warsTruth is this cantwell He helped create the universe of several other iconic films, such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, War Games or Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

However, it was long before Reuben H. Fleet hired him to produce effects and direct the initial multimedia presentation. travel to the outer planets , cantwell i worked for NASA and was in the CBS News studio to assist the Apollo 11 moon landing Walter Cronkite Describing the moon landing.

“In the middle of the final descent, he alerted Walter that he had detected an orbit change that would consume more fuel, but would allow him to proceed slightly beyond the planned target,” he wrote. cantwell In a Reddit AMA in 2016. “When other TV stations had the spacecraft land according to their NASA manual, they determined that Apollo had not yet landed. It was later confirmed that they had the exact version of the landing.”

Having served as a technical consultant for match in the third stage from Steven Spielberg In 1973, cantwell i got a call from George Lucas to ask him to be a conceptual artist star wars After seeing his work on the spacecraft 2001: A Space Odyssey,

Colin Cantwell
Colin Cantwell, with some of his most iconic ships.instagram

in 1974 cantwell was hired to work on the first film of star wars , with instructions that George Lucas was granted, they created the original design and concept models for a number of vehicles, including the fighter X-WingsThe y right wing , tie fighterThe star destroyerThe death StarThe Tantric IV (which was originally going to be the Millennium Falcon), or the Landspeeder.

“I didn’t originally plan death Star There was a gap in it, but as I was working on the mold, I noticed that the two parts had shrunk where they met. It would have taken me a week to fill, sand, and refill this depression. So to save myself the trouble, I went to George and suggested a ditch.” cantwell About the creation of the ever famous and legendary death Star,

However, his first job in cinema was a year before the moon landing. Stanley Kubrick You 2001: A Space Odysseyfor which he created a lot of special effects and who were convinced kubrick So that the film starts with the famous scene of the dawn of men and the famous bone.

“I couldn’t have chosen a better time to be born,” he once wrote. “A lot has happened so fast! Our dreams of space flight are maturing and I think someday soon.” We’ll discover the next wonders of our galaxy,

Despite his vast achievements, cantwell He preferred a quiet life away from the limelight, working as a computer engineer in Colorado in the last years of his life and turning down a job to run the famous special effects studio. industrial light and magic from Lucasfilm,

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