Colombia believes the perpetrators of the murder of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecchi are in another country


Five of the crime’s content writers are already in preventive prison

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Wendre Stills from Scott Carrillo (left) and Adrienne Arrietta Zabaleta (right)
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Colombian police assured this Tuesday that they have information indicating that the intellectual author of the crime of murder of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecchi in May during a visit to Cartagena de Indias is “in another country”, while Five of the offenders are in pre-trial custody,

“We have elements of information by which the perpetrators of this crime may be in another country,” Director General of Police Jorge Luis Vargas told a news conference. He said they are already working to collect more information in Paraguay. “To be able to access assessors anywhere in the world” information.

This Monday the hearing of the charges against five detainees accused of various crimes, including Competition and increased homicide in the illegal possession and carrying of weapons,

Four of the five detainees have accepted the charges, while Francisco Luis Correa Galleno, the alleged leader of the plan, has not, as the attorney general, Francisco Barbosa, has insisted.

Further, the police have further stated that they are looking for an alleged author of additional material, Gabriel Carlos Luis Salinas Mendozafor which he issued a blue interpol circular Because he could have left the country, probably Venezuela, where he is from.

Information handled by the police and the prosecutor’s office is that these accused persons met five days before the crime, on May 5, in Medellin “to structure the crime plan,” in Barbosa’s words, and from there, they traveled to Cartagena. departed for different routes.

Marcelo Pecci, one of the most important anti-Mafia prosecutors in ParaguayHe was murdered on May 10 by gunmen on a jet ski while he was celebrating his honeymoon at a hotel beach on Bar Island, near Cartagena.

However, according to information from the Paraguayan police cited by Vargas, had a conversationBy the Brazilian criminal group Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC), “For that murder will be done in Paraguay”But since this could not be accomplished, it was determined “to be done anywhere in the world”.

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Barbosa also assured that Pecci and his wife, journalist Claudia Aguilera, had published Details of their journey in social networks served “criminals” to track and trace.

“The criminals said that on several occasions they were lost, but thanks to social networks, they were able to trace and monitor prosecutor Marcelo Pecci,” emphasized Barbosa, who added that “social networks are without responsibility.” But publication can become a deadly weapon.” ,

The prosecutor warned, “Life cannot be reduced to publishing everything that one does throughout the day; one must be aware of the preservation of one’s life.”

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