Colombian candidate Rodolfo Hernández announces he is canceling all election acts out of fear for his life


Populist businessman Rodolfo Hernandez, who received 28% of the vote in the first round of the presidential election, however, downplayed the threats he made in the middle of the campaign.

Presidential candidate, Rodolfo Herno
Presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernández at a news conference in Miami on June 9.Eva Marie UzkateguiAFP
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Colombian presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez This Thursday in Miami confirmed about the relationship that Colombia is with America If he reaches the Presidency, that “what works is not touched, though it can be improved” and it is revealed that they want to make an attempt on his life, “Not with a lead, but with a knife,” he is said to mention how difficult it is to stop someone from stabbing in a crowd of 500 or more people.

At a news conference at a hotel in Miami, where all of his travels to the city will take place, Hernández begins by saying that he has been “cautioned” that they want to kill him and, therefore, he is at large in the final phase of the campaign. but is going to refrain from participating in the activities.

remaining candidates Second in the first round of the presidential election and he must face the left gustavo petro In the second round on 19 June, he has made these statements in a normal tone and accompanied them with his distinctive humorous sample to deflect the drama. After revealing the attack warnings, he said, “I’m so ‘sucked’ that I don’t die and I live in a wheelchair.”

There were security personnel in the room, as well as some Miami Police officers. His visit to Miami is intended to “strengthen ties” with the Colombian community in South Florida, according to his own words, and, likewise, to see how trade goes between Colombia and the state of Florida, which amounts to 7,000. million dollars.

Some 100,000 Colombians are registered as voters at the Colombian Consulate General in Miami, 60% of whom voted in the first round (29 May). 80% cast their vote for Federico ‘Fico’ Gutierrez, the former Mayor of Medellin, 15% for Hernandez and 12% voted for petroAs told to Efe by consular sources.

In the afternoon, Hernandez will have lunch with representatives from the Miami Chambers of Commerce, airport officials, Florida ports and free zones, and later will have a meeting with the Colombian community.

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