Colombia’s Constitutional Court decriminalizes physician-assisted suicide


Unlike euthanasia, it is the patient who takes action to end his or her life.

  • Colombia They implement euthanasia for a non-terminal patient for the first time in Colombia

Colombia’s Constitutional Court this Wednesday decriminalized medically assisted suicide, which, unlike euthanasia, It is the patient who takes action to end his life.

High Court, with the opinion of Six votes in favor and three in opposition, After going through the lawsuit filed by the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Laboratory (DescLAB), it was decided to legalize the process.

The trial was accepted by the Constitutional Court on September 1 of last year and sought to declare the conditional enforceability of the second paragraph of Article 107 of the Criminal Code, which establishes prison sentences from 32 to 108 months for those who which “effectively” induces another to commit suicide, or to give him an effective aid to his accomplishment”.

“When the inducement or aid is directed to put an end to severe pain arising out of bodily injury or serious and incurable illness, they shall be imprisoned for 16 to 36 months,” the defendant article adds.

Along these lines, DescLab’s purpose is not to “practice assisted suicide by any person in any case”, but that the Court decides “when a medical professional provides support For someone else to end his life under certain conditions, not to receive a criminal penalty.”

difference with euthanasia

DescLab explains that “in contrast to euthanasia, where a medical professional is the one who causes the person’s death, through physician-assisted suicide the medical professional provides assistance or assistance so that that person is the one who caused his or her death.” causes.”

“Euthanasia and medically assisted suicide both have the same purpose, to cause the death of a person who meets the legal requirements. The difference is the role of the doctor and the one who causes the death.” Total La Informacin.

euthanasia in colombia

Victor Escobar, 60, who had been suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes and high blood pressure among other problems, became pregnant on January 7. First Colombian to achieve euthanasia without terminal patient Since the Constitutional Court authorized it last July.

Colombia was the first country in Latin America to decriminalize euthanasia one of the few in the world where it is legal After being instituted in 1997 by the Constitutional Court, death was recognized as a fundamental right in the case of incurable disease, when the patient was in great pain, voluntarily requested and performed by a doctor.

According to the health ministry, only 178 euthanasia procedures were performed in the country from April 2015 to October 15, 2021.

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