Colombia’s presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernández: “I ask you to honor the memory of my daughter”


The populist candidate demands that he stop saying that his daughter Juliana, missing since 2004, is in a psychiatric hospital in the United States.

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Rodolfo Hernandez, Colombian presidential candidate.EFE
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They sowed doubts and tarnished the image Rodolfo Hernandez And his family, a few days before the presidential election on June 19. For a week he assured that Gustavo Petro’s rival was lying about his daughter. That she was never kidnapped or banished, but was admitted to a psychiatric clinic in the United States. And that the Anti-Corruption Leaders League candidate used the alleged drama to instill pity and solidarity among voters.

Infundio’s high point was set for this Wednesday. Jorge Gomez PinillaThe columnist for the Bogota newspaper ‘El Espectador’ and the author of the preliminary information that generated all kinds of brutal attacks on the businessman on the social network, has announced that he will reveal the details of the case. To generate more hope, on Tuesday afternoon he spread a disturbing trill on Twitter:

“@ingrodolfohdez called me just to ask if I have proof of what I’m going to publish tomorrow” @elespectador titled ‘Rodolfo’s daughter and psychiatric hospital’. I replied that if I didn’t have proof, I wouldn’t have been able to publish it. I wasn’t worried about him,” Gómez Pinilla said.

But this Wednesday, when the long-awaited column title was the most read of the day, both journalists and newspapers have backed down. They have issued a brief note declaring that they have made the decision “in general agreement”.,“Unpublish the column” after Gomez Pinilla clarified on her Twitter account “Inspired by the heat of a fiery election campaign, I was wrong”,

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Meanwhile, Rodolfo Hernández’s lawyer, who has been working at his company for twenty years, has told El Mundo about the steps the family has already taken. Declare Juliana Hernandez Deceased,

“We are continuing the process of death due to Juliana’s disappearance since June 5, 2004”, the date on which an unknown group kidnapping At a farm where he spent the weekend with some friends. Another girl was also taken, but returned after a few days as she did not come from a rich house.

“With regard to the disappearance, Goula (police anti-hijacking body) investigated the case with evidence, photographs, telephone intercepts, etc. It is a large file which serves as evidence in process, apart from the fact that We provide evidence of the family, which is valuable and establish everything they did to try to find it”, explained Manuel Guar.

“Also the criminal note was taken to the prosecutor’s office and the judge is asked to declare Juliana dead and release the death record. We do so to be able to complete the succession procedures for her property and put an end to this drama.” Although this is only a formal procedure, bone viewing will be noted to eliminate pain. That uncertainty is not extinguished by the fact that you have a paper indicating that he died, in your heart, you are not satisfied with him,

A close friend of candidate Hernández, he knew Juliana and has shared drama with the Hernández Oliveros couple and their three sons all these years. “It’s taken years of paperwork because the family has never given up confusion or made any move and effort to find her alive, we’ve looked for her everywhere. I wish she was in a rehabilitation center. Also , there is no legal term that applies to them to begin with and, in fact, there are thousands missing whose families never process because no matter how many years pass, they will always have the hope that the missing person is still alive. Is”.

Socorro Oliveros herself, Juliana’s mother, when news broke that her daughter was in a psychiatric hospital, said that they should give her exactly where she was, that she would go out to pick her up. For his part, Rodolfo Hernandez has issued a scathing statement complaining that “the infamous manipulation based on gossip and rumors has reached an unprecedented point in my daughter’s disappearance. Now, obsessed with destroying me.” A journalist’s paranoia opens up, perhaps a wound that never healed. I ask you to respect my pain, I ask you to respect my daughter’s memory,

In addition to the episode, the Superior Court of Bogota issued a ruling forcing Rodolfo Hernández to participate in an argument with Gustavo Petro before Sunday, in response to a defense filed by Congresswoman Maria Robaldo. . It does not appear that they will be able to follow the sentence as Colombians living abroad are already voting before Monday.

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