Complaints about the form of the Generalitat in selectivity that “inspired” to choose Catalan over Spanish


Institutions in favor of bilingualism assure that the government complies with the TSJC’s decision in its own way as students are urged to “answer everything in Catalan”.

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  • Courts The Generalitat complies with the decision of the TSJC and does not prioritize the delivery of selectivity exams in Catalan over Spanish

mesh compliance. A few days ago the Consel Interuniversitari de Catalunya, which relies on the Generalitat’s research and universities, announced that “for the first time the Generalitat will not give priority to the Catalan language in the delivery of selectivity exams in Catalonia” because students will be urged to fill out an anonymous form. which will be left on the table, so you can choose whether you want the narration in Catalan or Spanish.

As such, the Department of Universities appears to be accepting orders from the Superior Court of Justice (TSJC) of Catalonia, which held that the administration violated the rights of students by directing teachers to distribute exercises in Catalan and only in Catalan. has been violated. If a student requests it, they may be given a copy of the test in Spanish or Aran.

However, on the first day of selectivity in Catalonia, the Generalitat complied halfway, as a box was placed in the form if the student wanted all the exams to be in Catalan and, instead, they had to go through each one one by one for Spanish. Fallen. them. their subjects. The Assembly for a Bilingual School (AEB) in Catalonia assured that “Catalan students today will be able to choose the language in which they will take their exams. The Generalitat tries to inspire them in a ridiculous way to answer everything in Catalan.” “

In addition, it was the Free Teachers’ Forum, which brings together primary and secondary teachers “in favor of neutrality of educational centers against education”, which considered the form “insufficient for judicial resolution from the Generalitat to the TSJC”. The response is” since the Generalitat “continues to give preference to the Catalan language”. For this reason, he demanded that “tests with bilingual statements be distributed to all students and should not indicate their language choice” and “discrimination of Spanish-speaking students by the Generalitat in their will that in Spanish”. continues to remain modest” educational system.

“This year, in order to comply with the judicial mandate, the Generalitat has decided that in this call for June 2022, students fill out an anonymous carbonless form at the beginning of the tests, so that teachers know which language they speak the word. In any case, the system eventually continues to give preference to the Catalan language and demonstrates the impotence of the Generalitat in its attempt to prevent students from choosing tests in Spanish,” says the forum, which is based on the measure. considers it “complicated and far-fetched” and “forces students to express their linguistic choices and imposes a false linguistic uniformity”.

Vox’s spokesman in parliament, Juan Garriga, accused the government of failing to comply with the decision that established selectivity tests would be given in Spanish, Catalan and Aran, and lamented the “linguistic dogma” of the Generalitat.

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For its part, the Department of Research and University announced that on Thursday, the last day of selectivity, it will test QR code technology and geolocation technology in indoor locations via Bluetooth so that students can choose the language of test statements. At the entrance to the class, students will take a label with a QR code that may correspond to a statement made in Catalan or Spanish and they will walk to the table, which will allow the person in charge of distributing the test to know this. Thanks to the APP the chosen option is to read the QR code with the mobile device.

For geolocation technology in indoor space by Bluetooth, students will take a label in the form of a button that may correspond to a statement made in Catalan or Spanish. Students will leave labels on the table and, thanks to the configuration of the Bluetooth antennas in the classroom, a map of the various options chosen will be displayed on the court’s computer, allowing the person in charge to distribute the test accordingly. Students’ Choice.

About 40,560 students have started the University Access Test (PAU) in Catalonia this Tuesday without incident. “These PAUs are about to return to normalcy after two very difficult years because of the pandemic, however, thanks to all it can be successfully overcome. Efforts”, said Christina Gelp, Secretary General of the CIC. Students have been tested this morning in tests related to the general subjects of graduation that are part of the general phase, which are Spanish language and literature and foreign languages.

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