Compromise threatens Puig that he will disband the government if Oltra is sacked: “he cannot decide unilaterally”.


A spokesman for the party of the Vice President of the Generalitat pressured the leader of the PSOE, assuring Oltra to be “strong”.

Comprom's spokesperson
Comprom’s spokeswoman, gueda Mic.EFE
  • TSJ Unknown that only Monica Oltra can tell about her ex-husband’s affair
  • Courts The TSJ has accused Mnica Oltra of covering up the abuse of a minor by her ex-husband.

If, upon learning of the allegations of the Vice President of the Generalitat, his party quickly came to the fore to show its “unconditional” support, compromise Now apply pressure on the head of the cone. The spokesman for the Valencian Coalition, Gueda Mic, has threatened Zimo Puig with breaking the government agreement if he “unilaterally” forces the sacking of Monica Oltra.

A few hours after Monica Oltra first appeared after making the decision this Thursday high Court of Justice Citing being investigated for an alleged cover-up of abuse by her ex-husband of a minor, Comproms sends a poignant message to her partner in the Valencian coalition government. In an interview at Punt, Mike has been clear about a hypothetical dismissal of Generalitat’s ‘number two’: “The president cannot make that decision unilaterally.”

Mike is convinced that Puig will not reach that climax and, in fact, the socialist branch of Consel considers the crossroads of the situation: forcing Oltra to leave would mean breaking the government agreement with the Compromise and, moreover, a Seriously risking the re-issuance of Consel del Botanique in 2023. Comprom’s spokeswoman only confirmed the fears of the president’s crew, who had in fact already considered the scenario of dismissing the vice president.

“If this happened against the will of the botanical parties, the agreement would be broken,” Mike insisted: “unilateral decisions constitute a breach of trust.” In his opinion, “in a coalition government, decisions must be taken collectively.” United could also become part of the We Can Botanic Pact, which together with PSOE and COMPROMS sit in the plenary session of the Consul. Construction Know You have already said that the stability of Botanic is guaranteed because there is a “concrete” parliamentary majority.

Mike, on the other hand, didn’t hesitate to put another argument on the table: If Puig pushes Oltra to the cliff, “it will play into the hands of the right and the far right.” “When the extreme authority complains to us, it is because Consel has a problem,” he explained. Therefore, he has recognized that “it is not an easy time for Oltra, Comproms and Botanic”.

Also Mike has indicated that Oltra will not resign voluntarily. at least for now. “He is strong and he is a brave man.” According to a Comproms spokesperson, a step back for Otra will not be considered even at this procedural moment. But, if it were, he would “understand” it.

Then what is the red line of compromise if, in opposition, Oltra himself called for the resignation of Francisco Campos when he was impeached? Blasphemous sentence, Mike has come to say. “We have to take the judicial process to the end,” he said, recalling that other compounding charges were acquitted for other reasons and not resigned for this. “There is no corruption on the part of the settlement”, he has sentenced.

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