Congress rejected creating a tax for the wealthy and ended the split between the PSOE and the Podemos


Debate fuels time discrepancies to increase fiscal pressure

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Government President Pedro SanchezJavier Barabancho
  • consumption Fines of up to half a million euros for companies that fail to comply with the food waste law

The Congress of the people’s representatives has blocked the way from the votes of PSOE To make up for the big fortune proposed by United We can do it In a debate that has once again exposed the divide between the two government partners on the issue and on different cadences Increased fiscal pressure in Spain To increase the collection. Both have reprimanded each other for being wrong.

The Socialists have aligned themselves with the PP and other opposition parties, such as Vox and Ciudadanos, to balance the bill introduced by their allies in government and topple the bill.

Conversely, with the exception of the PNV, the parliamentary partners of the executive have lamented that, with this behavior, the PSOE is dedicated to “doing politics for the elite” (EH bildu) and to demonstrate that if It doesn’t have a fiscal reform to raise taxes for the rich because “he doesn’t want to” (ERC).

The Purple People initiative intends to impose a new tax on those who have goods worth more than 10 million of the Euro and would be a supplement to the Patrimony Tax.

PSOE has justified that the proposal is not “agreed” between the two members of the government, it runs the risk of creating double taxation (since those properties are already taxed in wealth tax) and because it includes “questionable collection efficiency,

socialist Patricia Whiter A United spokesperson has been reprimanded. We may have made a “mistake” by just opening this debate. “What they have achieved today is the right only to lie and make utterly populist speeches,” he retorted.

In front of him, texima guijaroOn behalf of United We Can, it expressed its dissent that the government had withheld tax reform on the grounds of the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. “This is not a reason to cripple tax reform, if there is anything to accelerate it,” he said.

Likewise, he has expressed his regret for the government’s timing, as “against” Violet’s norms, the executive decided to wait for a committee of experts to make some recommendations. That white book was published a few days after the war and has not been put into practice. Guizarro underlines that taking no action is certain to mean “you are making a mistake”.

For the rest of the groups, the internal fighting within the government has gone unnoticed and there are some spokesmen who referred to the pulse of United We Can by taking the proposal as part of their “guerrilla” plenary session of Congress. Is. ,I think it’s about launching some message that has more to do with the Andalusian campaign that this bill would go ahead”, criticized ERC deputy Joan Margle. This is a proposal, which Ferran Bell (PDECAT) described, was “populist elected” not intended to “incite the PP”. Designed to stimulate PSOE”.

For the rest, the debate has fueled not only discrepancies among the government’s allies, but also aired differences between the government’s own allies in Congress. The PNV has distanced itself while the ERC and EH Buildu have pressured the “richest” to address this and other reforms to increase fiscal pressure.

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