Construction ignores the blockade of employers and unions and they agree to raise wages by 10% over three years


The agreement was pending processing of the Law on Pension and Employment Schemes, a rule that plays a prescribed role in the new agreement.

Construction, with 1.3 million workers, ratified its regional agreement yesterdayWorld

Construction, with 1.3 million workers, yesterday ratified its regional pre-agreement agreement, with which it will soon send the agreement to the labor ministry for it to be reviewed and published.

In a certain way, social agreement has transcended the conditions in which the rest of society operates. collective bargaining and in particular the terms of trade union centers and employers. Negotiations for collective agreements are being blocked by companies refusing to accede to union demands to accept the wage guarantee clause. shield wages against inflation And negotiations regarding the earnings deal are not expected to reopen until the fall.

Thus, unions and companies in this sector have cleared their horizons of labor relations for the next three years, avoiding the lingering conflict over the rest of the activities in which the loss of purchasing power and trade margins due to inflation is collectively Blocking agreements. a negotiation

The contract was pending for processing Employment and Pension Scheme Act, a rule that plays a prescribed role in the new construction agreement. Not surprisingly, the chaos that has surrounded the processing of the law in Congress in recent weeks has put the deal on hold until tomorrow. The legislation still needs to be reviewed in the Senate but the CCOO and UGT signed yesterday with the National Construction Confederation.

The agreement includes a 10% increment Which will be distributed between 2022 and 2024 with a distribution of 4% for the year 2022, 3% for the year 2023 and 3% for the year 2024. Part of the agreed increase will be allocated to the first pension scheme that arises out of pending legislation. Specifically, it will be 3.75% of the total growth: -1.5% in 2022, 1% next year and 1.25% for 2024. These contributions will be treated as supplementary savings of workers and will not be consolidated in the pay table.

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