Coroner says 112 doctors who refused help to young man who died in Navalcarnero in 2018 failed to diagnose


The toilet investigated for reckless homicide did not assess the threat properly and denied the ICU for the first time to Ettore García, whose mother said “your son is full-breathing” as if the boy was brain dead .

A young man frowns at the refusal of mobile UVI on 112: “Ma’am, your son’s breath is full”

Summa 112 The doctor told Ettore García’s mother when she called Carmen Ruiz in January 2018, “Lady, your son will say what he wants, but he breathes.” The woman was terrified. Her son dies in her own house, in her arms.

Although he assured her that the boy could not speak, as he was drowning, the doctor insisted: “Put it on the phone”, The boy could only hear an icy “I’m drowning” stammer—as can be heard in the audio published by EL Mundo a year later, but the doctor taunted mom without hesitation: “Your son is fully breathing. Could he have taken anything?”, It was Sunday morning. The doctor then hung up the phone with a simple “see you later” and refused to be sent to the ICU.

Almost immediately Ator, who had a blood clot in his lung, soon became brain dead from lack of irrigation, in the face of the complete impotence of his parents, who saw how their son died, without medical help, In the room of his house in Navalcarnero (Madrid). He died four days later.

Five years later, following a parent’s complaint, the judge conducts a criminal investigation if the doctor in question, whose identity responds to the initial JMC, you made a diagnosis and may facilitate fatal outcome. The procedure opened against him is for alleged negligent murder.

The impartial coroner appointed by Inquiry Judge 4 of the Mustoles has now concluded, according to a report to which EL Mundo had access, that there was “Reckless action of a professional and unusual handling of Summa 112”,

And this is because the doctor, in addition to treating the parent with the behavior that can be seen in the conversation, “did not appreciate the boy’s breathing and speaking difficulty” at the first interaction with the patient, and Immediate did not qualify as “critical and priority 0”, which requires the fastest possible response.

As a result, the ICU arrived 23 minutes after that first call, and the 24-year-old, who nearly fainted while hanging out with the doctor, faced a coroner’s call. “missed opportunity”: Although “it cannot be confirmed” that with the right action the ater would have saved his life – “reaching the optimum outcome”, the forensic doctor prepares -, I know that part of the said salvation opportunity was lost , because “premature action” is important” in cases of cardio-respiratory arrest, the report highlighted.

As revealed by the investigation, the doctor first received a call from operator 112 to Ator’s mother, who valued the urgency as priority 0, which as per protocol requires being sent to the ICU in less than 15 minutes. However, when the doctors failed to predict the boy’s symptoms during the conversation, he passed the case on priority 1 and denied that the ICU had been sent from the first moment.

In its statement, to which this newspaper is also accessible, JMC has previously denied having received a priority 0 case from the operator, but As appears in the ‘Records’ of the Community of Madrid,

The doctors were also wrong, the coroner says, by not assessing that Etore García was not only suffering from shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, but a “fainting with sweat”, He assures the judge that he has not noticed these symptoms in the boy, but the truth is that the recordings published by this newspaper seem to complicate that he would appreciate nothing more than the suffocation in which the boy was submerged, What he does not get verbally, more painfully, than that which drowns.

The coroner, in essence, determined that the appropriate resource was activated four minutes later, when the parents were again stunned by the doctor’s icy reaction, which could have affected the birth and represented an apparent loss of opportunity. Used to be, experts estimate that each minute paused could mean a 10% lower chance of reversing the cardiorespiratory condition.

In addition to the criminal reproach in which the Summa 112 doctor finds himself, the community of Madrid itself condemned the doctor’s “lack of humanity” when the newspaper made the facts public, as described by regional president Isabel Daz Ayuso himself. .

Ettore García’s family received a commitment from the community that every effort would be made to repair the damage received, but they then rejected the 10,000 euros offered by the regional administration. “It seems to us a complete ridicule,” his mother told this newspaper, which also denounced that the entire audio of the incident had been stolen. Ettore García’s family has now criminally denounced the facts and the Community of Madrid is appearing in the case as a subsidiary civil liability for compensation.

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