Couple’s son found dead with signs of violence in Brihega arrested


Transfer of bodies of those found dead.
Transfer of bodies of those found dead.Pepe ZamoraEFE
  • Arrangement They find a married couple dead with signs of violence at their home in Guadalajar

The couple’s son, who appeared dead with traces of violence at their home this Monday brihuega (Guadalajara) has been arrested as the alleged perpetrator of the incidents.

As confirmed by sources Deputy Delegation of the Government of Guadalajara Efe was arrested yesterday afternoon and is expected to go to court later today.

After his statement, it will be the judge who will now determine the measures taken in custody.

Sources close to the investigation said yesterday that the now detained 31-year-old son has been admitted to the hospital. Guadalajara Hospitalin the field of psychiatry.

a young man who usually lives in madrid and that he had previously suffered from mental health problems, he told a friend that this Monday he found the bodies of his parents, manuel70 years, and Martina ,62, when he awoke from his nap.

According to the same sources, when the son of the deceased saw his parents “soaked in blood”, instead of calling 112, he went to this friend.

Similarly, the same sources have indicated that they are investigating how long the bodies were lifeless.

Judicial officers this Tuesday decreed the secrecy of the summary in this case.

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