Covid triggers continuous day: Seven out of 10 schools have a schedule that causes parents to lose $8,000 million annually


First study to link intensive calendar with employment status of families looks at negative impact on employment, especially for mothers

Students of a school in Valverde del Mazano (Segovia) play during their leisure time.
Students of a school in Valverde del Mazano (Segovia) play during their leisure time.Paul MartinEFE
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Seven out of 10 schools in Spain have already implemented a continuous timetable. The COVID-19 pandemic has decimated a model that has a negative impact on employment. Only morning classes cause families to lose, according to the first study to analyze the effect of a children’s school day on parents’ work status 8.000 million euros every year.

l think tank EsadeEcPol Today publishes an investigation that indicates that this loss of income is concentrated in the 66% of mothers who mostly stop working or reduce their working hours to care for their children who leave school early. give. This money which is not recorded is equivalent to less collection in IRPF €1.2 billion a year, according to some calculations they made from microdata INE Living Conditions Survey.

lucas gortzaridirector of education at EsadeEcPol and one of the study’s authors, explains that the intensive program – an organizational rarity in other countries – was present in a 51% of centers before the pandemic and now it’s gone 71%, according to a survey conducted in infant and primary schools across Spain. The Basque Country is the only region that opposes and opposes a divided day, which includes giving classes in the morning and afternoon, more leisure, early lunch and a longer break after lunch.

The authors call for a return to this traditional division program or, at least, that the decision is not made individually in each school, but is adopted taking into account the scientific evidence available in regional councils.

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In addition to the arguments for labor, reconciliation and gender equality, they state that the traditional program is more beneficial to students. They point out that, although there is still no strong scientific literature on the relationship between day type and students’ academic outcomes, the evidence clearly shows that spending more time in school has a positive effect on performance and well-being. of students..

They cite several international studies that indicate that more hours in school are associated with improved learning and behavior, as well as greater emotional balance, less screen time, and fewer teen pregnancies.

A morning school day is a source of educational and social inequalities among students, indicates the study, which maintains that even intensive hours are associated with less participation in extracurricular activities and less use of the dining room. They show work that proves that youngest children do better with a nap in the afternoon and that teens participate more in the afternoon, characteristics that do not allow for a continuous day.

However, it is the teachers’ favorite time. I have no doubt that teachers actually believe that continuous days are better for students, but important decisions are being made without taking into account scientific data, warns martha ferreroAnother deputy dean of the Faculty of Education of the Autonomous University of Madrid and one of the authors of the study.

The report said that, with 1,200 million euros collected in taxes for the split day’s return, the salary supplement of 2.000 Euro per year to teachers so that they increase the hours they spend in the centers from 30 to 35, in addition to setting up dining rooms in each school and increasing scholarships.

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