CPI up 8.3% in April, a tenth lower than expected, but core inflation up 4.4%


INE corrects the data downwards it had advanced by the end of the month to one tenth

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  • This is how INE measures IPC: 200 executives visit the same store across Spain every month

offline confirmed this Friday CPI up 8.3% year-on-year in April, A tenth less than what was upgraded at the end of the month, the modernization of 1.5 points in relation to the peak reached in March – 9.8% – after the government approved a bonus of 20 cents per liter in fuel effective April 1. But, although the general index declined slightly, Core inflation surprised upwards.

This indicator, which measures the price growth of all components of the consumer basket except energy products and fresh food, as they are considered the most volatile, shot up 4.4% year after year, rate highest since December 1995 A single digit increase over the previous month, indicating that energy and food are not only responsible for the rise in prices. In fact, the goods and services we consume are 4.4% more expensive today than they were a year ago.

This increase is a symptom of the transition from rising energy prices to the rest of the shopping cart. this is a data worrying Since, in view of the temporary increase in energy products, Central bank As of today, he has called for monitoring this indicator and remains calm around the 2% level, which marks price stability.

in fact, in America, where Core inflation already at 6.2%The Federal Reserve has been forced to raise interest rates by 50 basis points for the first time since 2000.

With this increase in prices in Spain in April, already confirmed by INE, The average inflation rate so far this year is 7.95%.

in rate MonthlyComparing prices in Spain in April versus March, the general index fell by two tenths (-0.2%), while core inflation rose 1.8%.

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