Create a new 12 October or redo it? Madrid orders a report, although the “best solution” is the demolition of the hospital


Health specifies that your request is a procedure for applying for EU funds, but this decision has already been adopted in 2003

Hospital of Madrid 12 October.
Hospital of Madrid 12 October.EM

Should a new 12 October be built or should the current hospital, which was inaugurated almost 50 years ago, be remodeled? The community of Madrid has put out a contract to tender for a detailed analysis. cost benefit ratio of these two options.

Nevertheless, the decision “the best solution” was demolition and the construction of new facilities had already been taken in 2003. According to a health ministry spokesman, what is being done now is “tender to the words of a study already conducted according to the models established by the European Union”. Be eligible for your fund,

The announcement of the contract is published in the Official Gazette of the Madrid Community at the expense of 36.300 Euro, Interested companies have till 21 June To present its proposal and a period of two months for carrying out the work in accordance with the specific technical standards.

Meanwhile, the new hospital building slated for October 12 is already being built in an area that until last year was a surface car park and today accumulates a high concentration of cranes per square metre. “It has a functional plan and a project before the European funding request,” he specifies in health, where he says the most appropriate solution is the demolition of the 18-storey building that has been a symbol of this center. In operation since 1973,

Works on the new hospitalized building.
Works on the new hospitalized building.EM

jobs budget. More than €200 million And, as the Madrid government points out, it is “one of the two largest civil works in the country currently underway, as well as being developed at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.” The modern facilities will have a hospital admission capacity of 1,450 beds, another 114 for adults and children in intensive care and 60 for newborns, in addition to 41 operating rooms and resuscitation areas.

12 October correction was planned in several phases, which began in 2004 with the construction of an energy supply building. Later, in 2011, the center for outpatient activities was inaugurated, also a new plant. The forecast is that the hospitalization building, which is years behind the original project, will be ready by the end of 2023.

revamp of la pazu

While a change of location was not proposed in this case, as land was available nearby, the government of Isabel Diaz Ayusso along with La Paz studied other possible locations, including one in the future Madrid Nuevo Norte neighbourhood, Because It’s cheaper to do it from scratch than to repair it, In the end, the initial plan was chosen, which is to build a new complex in phases on its current site, demolishing the existing buildings, except for the distinctive circular tower, which will be rehabilitated.

Work has already started with the transfer of the thermal power plants and the forecast is that they will be completed over a maximum period of 12 years in which health care will not be disrupted, although there will be referrals of patients to neighboring nurse Isabel. Zendall. cost is estimated €500 million,

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