Creative Outlier Pro: even the best wireless headphones cost less than 100 euros

In consumer electronics, in recent years it has become relatively common for a company to launch a new type of product at a more or less high price, and then, after the first wave of companies jumping on the bandwagon, a second wave of versions. More versions come. The leaves are twisted. There is always one recurring argument in this new tide: offer more or less the same, but cheaper, The limits are high in the beginning, but if the market holds up, technology takes hold and it may happen that in the end it is the economic segment that matters most to brands and consumers – not so much for the media, To which their eyes are always high-end, although it is another matter – interest in this product. This happened with smartphones or tablets, but with less obvious devices such as watches, capsule coffee machines or, it is becoming increasingly clear, wireless headphones. Creative Outliers Pro This is proof – yet another – of it.

Thus, five and a half years after the first AirPods, and with all the jokes and memes, it turns out that the in-ear headphones also removed the cable it was a good idea, Yes, they’re lost — less than we thought — and we’ll still have to get used to the idea that they’re an accessory, but there they are, causing the headphone jack to slowly disappear from mobile manufacturers’ plans. goes. Thank you, yes, we should give them not so much to Apple as to the people who democratized the idea and took it to about 100 or, preferably, 70 euros. In this case we refer to 89.90.

Creative outliers pros include some of these technologies that have allowed to market on a more than ‘at least they don’t cost that much’ basis. active noise cancellation Taking advantage of an external microphone is one such example. It doesn’t detract entirely—they even have an ambient mode, which is more recommended for times when it’s convenient to focus—though that’s enough to make it easier to focus. It has microphones outside and inside, which is not so common in this segment, and gives a decent result without significantly affecting the listening quality.

Reproduction is reliable and of quality, with better results in bass-than-powerful-treble. In any case, it is possible to download an application that allows play with equalizer To adjust the parameters to taste. The Super X-Fi positional sound system can also be activated. The change is significant – not necessarily for the better – but it means messing with the app, which is already an added nuisance and, anyway, it only works with music stored on the device, not Spotify or With streaming systems like Apple Music.

From the application you can also configure always grateful touch control, By default, tapping on the left earbud offers noise cancellation and ambient modes on or off (two), summon your personal assistant (three) or turn down the volume (one, but hold for three seconds). Meanwhile, the right earcup pauses and plays (two taps), switches to the next song (three taps), and turns up the volume (long press).

The command input area is wide, as is the entire headset. It’s a heavy device, though it’s not annoying because of the weight and they’re comfortable. Visually, yes, it shows and they show up without a problem. The silicone pads are interchangeable and come with several from the factory, in addition to a charging cable (without a plug, yes). whole product design fairly neutralWith modern lines but without elements that stand out, an idea that is reinforced by a color that evokes bronze without daring to be so.

The box is quite heavy, closer to the case of glasses than any of its competitors, though it doesn’t exceed the unforgivable limits for these products: fits in pocket, In any case, they are more comfortably carried in any backpack, bag or fanny pack where the size is referred to and become a small thing.

This lime sand, like the headphones, has a longer battery than usual when going through the starting box. In total, up to 60 hours with the case and 15 without it, which according to the manufacturer remains insignificant in the 40 and 10 with active noise cancellation. After a week of testing, it looks like Creative isn’t exaggerating in its calculations.

he has a metallic body strong And it gives a feeling of being able to withstand falls and blows, which is always appreciated. The ‘room’ in which the headphones rest when you push in the opposite direction with your finger—it’s a unidirectional movement, be careful not to force—and also has lights on the side that report the status of the battery.

The product, as a whole, can be described in the same way: Strong. It delivers what anyone could ask for in a headset and it does so at a price that’s in an environment where it wouldn’t be fair to request it long ago. Creative has done well, but the best part, perhaps not so much for the firm, is that it will have more rivals able to do it.

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