Crime in the Brazilian jungle: the suspects “acted alone”


Police deny that “an intellectual writer or criminal organization” was behind the deaths of British journalist Dom Phillips and Brazilian activist Bruno Pereira.

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One of the coffins with human remains was found in the Amazon jungle.sergio fiveAFP
  • Brazil The Brazilian Amazon is bleeding again

Data from the investigation into the disappearances of British journalist Dom Phillips (57) and Brazilian native Bruno Pereira (41) arrive with a dropper. Brazil’s federal police reported today that the suspects acted alone without “an intellectual writer or criminal organization behind the crime.” Indigenous people are skeptical of this version while awaiting identification of remains found in the Amazon jungle, and news of a possible death has sparked a wave of outrage in Brazil.

“Research shows that writers act alonewithout an intellectual author or criminal organization behind the crime,” federal police said in a statement Friday. In addition to re-emphasizing that there will be more people involved. Indigenous peoples of the area have been opposing the hypothesis, congregating. In form of Guardian. “Univaj: [Unin de Pueblos Indgenas del Valle del Javari] Do not agree with the conclusion of the federal police that confirmed that there was no perpetrator of the crime that ended with the deaths of Dom and Bruno,” said Alicio Marubo, a lawyer for the organization who cooperated with the search for the bodies.

Phillips and Pereira entered the Javari Valley to collect information for a book on the sustainable development of the Amazon, however, on 5 June they lost track, as they never returned to Atalia do Norte. After more than 10 days of searching, Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira – one of the suspects along with his brother Oceni da Costa de Oliveira – confessed on Wednesday that he may have committed the crime and the location where the bodies would be: the closest in the wild. More than two hours from the city. Desolation for relatives and anger among NGOs came after police confirmed that they had found human remains at the indicated location. Some tests that have already traveled to Brasilia (as can be seen in the image that accompanies this news) are to be matched. Eduardo Alexandre Fontes, the chief of the federal police in the state of Amazonas, warned that We will be sure only after “tests of identity”, But the police statement this Friday indicates that a “99% chance” that they are related to two menNotify AFP.

The area where they disappeared, which borders Peru and Colombia, is known for its danger. As Survival International warned these days, it highlights “Unbridled increase in illegal logging, mining and drug trafficking activities”, According to AFP, Univaza had previously informed authorities that Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira was “accused of having authored attacks with firearms in 2018 and 2019 against the Funai base.” [la Fundacin Nacional del Indio]Pereira, who worked in the above government agency, had already received death threats for his work in that organization.

Amnesty International said in its annual report that Brazil is the fourth country in the world with the highest number of killings of environmental leaders and defenders of land rights, citing the NGO Global Witness. Murders like those of human rights defender and Rio de Janeiro councilor Marielle Franco still exist in collective memory.

Raveena said in Geneva, news of the remains found in Brazil’s Amazon prompted several organizations to express their outrage, including the United Nations, which urged Brazil to “increase its efforts to protect human rights defenders and indigenous peoples”. did. United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

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