‘Crypto Crash’ Drowns Virtual Currencies and Bleeds Bitcoin Under $30,000

Crashes in the crypto market


The decline of bitcoin is close to 11% and since the early hours of the morning it is 27,000. struggling to keep green ticket. The fall is even greater in cases like Ethereum

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The bleeding doesn’t stop in the cryptocurrency market, which has been crashing for days after crashing and setting off investor alarms. event is known as ‘Crypto Crash’ and other milestones BitcoinThe cryptocurrency’s most popular powerhouse has lost the $30,000 level just six months after hitting an all-time high.

Rojo It has been established that the prices of hundreds of digital currencies are facing massive outflows from investors these days. The economic uncertainty caused by the war in Ukraine and the lockdown in China has been combined with rising interest rates in countries such as the US or the United Kingdom and causing investors to flee assets to which they attribute greater risk. . ,

add to that debacle EarthOne of the most popular cryptocurrencies. In this case, the digital currency was abandoned after only two days with almost 100% of its value. stable coins Or the stablecoin to which it is linked loses parity against the dollar.

The panic has spread to the rest and only this Thursday, bitcoin is down close to 11% and it is struggling to maintain 27,000 since the first hour of the morning. green ticket. There are more cases like fall Ethereumwho loses more than 20% and walks away with even $2,000, while solana (-20%) o cardano (-29%) follow in its wake.

“Retail investor exposure is very high and resilient. Institutional however is still low and can take advantage of the current crisis. This has increased asset correlations which are still only $500 billion in assets, or of extracted gold. 5% of the value,” says Ben Ladler, Global market strategist for multi-asset investment platform eToro.

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