Cryptocurrency investment scams up 20% in Catalonia


There are about 800 annual victims who usually lose between 20,000 and 40,000 euros.

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Computer crimes have increased in recent yearsMosos
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With confinement and teleworking, consumption of the Internet and social networks increased in households, as well as its use not only to buy or consume leisure but also as a business opportunity. It is no coincidence that computer crimes have increased in recent years, bringing not only scams but also harassment, extortion or data theft, and that many cybercriminals believe that networks are the ideal place to strike without being left behind. Thinking.

So Mosos d’Esquadra Scams warned of an increase of between 15 and 20% over the past five years for false investments in cryptocurrency, an exchange entity that could be lucrative because of its ignorance. Last year, 1,600 complaints were received related to virtual currencies and 800 victims annually for cryptocurrencies who usually lose between 20,000 and 40,000 euros before the fraud was realized. Criminals often recreate an investment website with false data and graphics for each victim, so that they continue to buy this product.

The victim gives money to a false investor who recommends buying virtual currency with an initial payment of 200 or 300 euros but which increases gradually. To make the deception more believable, they simulate a website with investment data and when they catch the victim, they encourage them to contribute higher. These are special groups made up of people who make the first contact with counselors on top of victims.

The last step is to ask for more money as a management fee when you want to withdraw the investment and then it disappears. This is when the victim feels that he or she has been duped and lodges a complaint to be investigated by agents, who usually track cryptocurrency transactions with these groups and bitcoin, which is better known.

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