Cuoco and her mother’s “plan” was a lie


Francisco Javier García and Rosala García face up to two years in prison for perjury at trial starting this week in Seville

Javier Garco
Javier García, aka ‘Cuco’, and his mother, Rosala, faced the end of the trial in 2016 for breaking a restraining order.Jess Morning
  • Courts El Cuoco and his mother prosecuted for lying in the murder trial of Marta del Castillo
  • testing Marta’s father delivers 600 hours of recording from a Cuco confidante

There are still many in the mystery of Marta del Castillo’s crime, thirteen years later unsuitable pieces And one of them may find its place in the trial that begins this week in Seville’s Criminal Court 7 and sits on the accused’s lap Francis Javier Garciabetter known as Cuckooand his mother, rosala garcafor the offense of perjury.

“small”, which is like Marta Called him, he was under the age of 18 when the incidents happened and was tried and sentenced as a juvenile judge cover up murder Help his friend and murderer and unknown third party, according to the sentence of the Provincial Court of Seville of the second trial, which imprisoned miguel carcaoalso participated and could not be identified or punished.

In that second test, Cuckoo and his parents announced as witnesses And all three agreed to the minor’s alibi. He insisted, despite the fact that he had already been tried and sentenced, on that rainy night of January 24 he returned home early, went to bed and never went out.

that statement, which at that time had no consequence for him, formed part of the basis of testing On which the Court of the Sevillen Court built its sentence, which was not without controversy because of the acquittal of all the accused with the exception. carcao,

For lack of evidenceThe magistrates acquitted Carcao’s brother, Francis Xavier Delgado, to stay’s girlfriend, mara garca, and the murderer’s friend, Samuel Bentz,

it is impossible to know whether result would have been different if Cuckoo What was is not, but 11 years after those statements everything indicates that the then minor and his parents lied.

There is evidence that what he said in court against adult suspects in November 2011 had nothing to do with reality. are the main Recording That a man, who earned the trust of the family, did for many years and in which he admits to lying in court.

Those same recordings are what can now incriminate Javier Garcia—and his parents—who died. perjuryfor which they will be prosecuted starting this thursday In the Criminal Court of Seville 7.

The alleged intruder recorded
The alleged intruder who recorded the conversations of the ‘Cuco’ family.jess mori

trial in which he is called to testify for the same carcaois the eldest Success The judicial process that Marta’s family has achieved since despair that the punishment for the two cases is for the relatives of the missing girl, especially for absolute Of those who have always considered themselves as participants in what happened.

They were Martha’s parents, Antonio del Castillo and Eva Casanuvawho filed Complaint As a result of which this oral hearing is based on the tapes of the so-called intruder, whose validity has been accepted by the Justice and which police experts have concluded that they were not tampered with.

Alleged lies may cost Cuckoo and his mother, since private allegation, Joe’s family Martaclaim for them two to crcel and a compensation of 10,000 euros, while the prosecutor’s office requests an eight-month prison sentence.

Even the investigating judge, Carlos Mahan, is convinced that he lied at trial and, although he does not enter into the impeachment, the lawyer representing the del Castillo family does. In their indictment, they state that the perjury had a clear purpose confuse the court and, further, influence his decision and attain salvation Most of the defendants, as it happened.

Whatever the purpose, Judge Mahan gets to speak in order to begin the brief process A map was coined by Cuoco and his parents to deceive the magistrate about what really happened on the day of the crime.

Javier Garcia assured as a witness that he was not there that night. Lane XIII floor Where they kill Marta, who was with some friends and who returned home before midnight and never went out. And it was confirmed by his parents, that his mother had come to confirm, under oath, that he had seen her sleeping in your bed And he gave her a kiss.

However, Judge Mahan states in his order that there is evidence that Cuckoo s Singh was in XIII and, contrary to what he maintained, he did not return home before midnight. His parents, he says, couldn’t see him there because they were Once, I Till about five in the morning.

family of Marta has always maintained that the cuckoo lied to protect the others involved, especially K’s brother. carcaowhich they believe not only mind But this also autor material Regarding the death of the young woman, although judicially that door was also closed to her parents and it is almost impossible to open it again.

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