Daawat-e-ishq 2021 Movie Review and Rating – hit or flop. IMDB rating out of 5

Daawat-e-ishq has released today with a lots of speculations about what the story is all about. To be very true Food has played here a very important role. Love that starts and develops with food. Bollywood has seldom found such subject to make a successful film about. Here check the review and rating of the film Dawaat-e-ishq to decide before visiting the theatre whether to take the treat or pass it.

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Daawat-e-ishq (2021) Plot

The story of Daawat-e-ishq is set in the backgrounds of Hydrabad and Lucknaw, the two Indian cities famous for its spicy delicacies. Here we find the different lives in a different background of a boy and a girl. Gulrez is the daughter of a doting father from Hydrabad but has lost her faith in love as she sees the dowry seeking men all around her. Tariq is a happy go lucky from Lucknaw who can charm everyone with his talent of cooking. The clash of the two geographically distinct but alike in their rich culture of spices adds up taste to their love story.

But the film has a twist that comes after the love that binds these two souls. Audience will come to know that the cute outspoken girl has a deep secret. The sudden hidden motives turn Gulrez into a bad girl. But why she suddenly did that and what is the motive??? To find out that ‘masaledar’ secret, you have to run to the theatre.


Director Habib Faisal has come up with a very different plot with an ethnicity and Indianness. That is itself very different. The twist is something that will bind the audience till the end. Habib has very cleverly set the whole story line so that the audience will not find the film as a mere food documentary.

About the acting, Anupam Kher is flawless and Parineeti has done a fantastic job. Aditya Roy Kapur is a little misfit to his role. His accent and body language could have been more perfect for his character, Tariq. All in all the film is a decent one time watch, especially for Parineeti and the twist that comes along with the celebration of love and food.

Music of the film is disappointing. The numbers are not able enough to rank the chartbusters and will be easily forgotten once you come out of the theatre. But undoubtedly the songs have a Indian touch and to some listeners may find it out to be soothing.


Regarding all the facts Galaxy Reports has given this film a 3/5

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