Damage from a painful rule divides government: “We will not take measures that stigmatize women”

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The equality proposal is under “discussion” and is at the expense of negotiations with the Ministry of Social Security.

Less Cause of Painful Periods: This Will Be the New Menstrual Health LawWorld
  • Spain Irene Monteiro finalizes reform that would allow minors under the age of 16 and 17 to have abortions without parental permission

Irene Monteiro’s eagerness to bring abortion law reform to the next Council of Ministers is run in the reluctance that some of her measures are borne out in the socialist sphere of government, such as the repeal of painful regulations, which have generated a great social Discussion.

The issue is currently the subject of “discussion” and “negotiation” within the government. ministry of equality isl Ministry of Social Security. The Monteiro department proposes that painful periods be included in the list of causes of “temporary disability”, for which the doctor may order sick leave for three days.

“It will be like a flu,” explain sources in the ministry, which will require going to the health centre. This would not apply for cases of discomfort, but when menstruation causes severe pain and associated symptoms such as headache or fever.

The measure has sparked debate within the government and the UGT has expressed its reluctance if it could harm women in their jobs if they take three days off per month. Interacting among all the ministries.

First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calvio, has expressed doubts whether the draft bill will eventually be accepted after warnings that the government was “not going to take any measures that stigmatize women”. “.

In statements collected by Europa Press, Calvio said, “Allow me to reiterate this very clearly, this government believes in gender equality and is fully committed and we will never adopt measures that result in women can be tarnished.” In those, number two The government has categorically refrained from stating whether this decline is a stigma. Calvio has said the measure is being debated and that “multiple drafts” are being analysed.

“Under discussion” was a term used by his colleague Jose Luis Escrive to refer to the matter that his department is now studying and negotiating with the Equality Ministry team.

The Minister of Social Security has pointed out that they are seeking to “harmonize” two elements aimed at improving the status of women, on the one hand, improving their protection and, on the other hand, promoting their participation in the labor market. “We are working on that, but it is still in the internal process of discussion in the government.”

Meanwhile, and when asked about Calvio’s statements about the stigma of women because of said holiday, Yolanda Diaz has highlighted the differences between the two sectors of government. “I think there is not enough sensitivity to understand that women and men are different and the world of work is not neutral,” said the second vice president and labor minister.

In this sense, he has warned that the current labor policy is “deeply masculine” and, therefore, has given his full support to the equality proposal. “You should have a gender labor policy and that’s what we should have. So, totally in favor.”

Doubts in UGT, CCOO’s support

Painful menstruation also generates debate within unions because it may have implications for women who take three days of sick leave a month. UGT important reservation, bcc It supports.

In the UGT they call for addressing this issue within the framework of social dialogue as they believe it to be a “complicated” issue and to avoid “stigmatizing women”.

To the Secretary General of the CCOO, Unai Deaf, That leave would be “perfectly justified” if the pain incapacitates the woman to work. “The point of sick leave is not because of the fact of menstruation, but because a physical event produces disabling pain. That’s totally reasonable, but I don’t know the internals of the project,” he said. said.

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