Dangerous ‘Alunicero’ one of the 10 most wanted fugitives arrested who escaped from Alkal Jail in 2014


He is the second arrest since the police launched a campaign for civic support last May 30.

One of the 10 most wanted fugitives arrested: A dreaded ‘Alunicero’ escapes from prisonWorld
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The Civil Guard has arrested Luis Martínez Calleja, a famous alunisero 29 to them Was included in the list of ten most wanted fugitives in Spain published a week ago by national police

The detainee fled on a motorbike from Madrid’s Alcal Meco prison on March 9, 2014, taking advantage of a transfer to a hospital, and his whereabouts have been unknown since. He was serving a sentence for being involved in multiple Moon landings and attacking multiple agents. Luis Martínez had seven legal charges, among others, for breaking his sentence by escaping from prison and keeping a criminal case pending.

According to the Armed Institute, the investigation began several weeks ago after agents learned of suspicious activity. A farm in the south of Madrid bordering the towns of Batres and Serranillos del Valle, As a result of the surveillance being established, the presence of the fugitive and the suspicion that he was preparing some sort of illegal activity was confirmed.

Yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, June 8, Civil Guard agents from the Navalcarnero Investigations Area, in collaboration with the Madrid Civil Guard Command and the Citizen Security Unit of the Air Service, deployed a device that was arrested. alunisero,

In a police file released by police last month, Louis is described as a short person, as he is 1.68 in height, has a thin complexion, and has dark hair. He had tattoos on both his left and right wrists and His mark on his upper lip was striking.

when louis alkal was in prison In March 2014, he was transferred to Alcal de Henares Hospital for a medical check-up, Where he took advantage of the opportunity and fled with a friend who was waiting for him. He took advantage of the possibility of offering distance from the parking area to the hospital gate, which is approximately 200 meters from the hospital.

While he was walking in the custody of three policemen along with another prisoner, Jose Luis started running and got on a motorcycle that was going in the opposite direction. The two then disappeared and the police were searching for them throughout the day, with no evidence at press time that they had been apprehended.

In October 2014 he was located in Valaques by the city police. Then, the municipal police stopped him next to his house located on Pozzo Halcón Street in Pozo del To Raimundo. He resisted kicking and punching officers who had to call for backup.

he is second arrested Since the police launched a drive for citizen cooperation on 30 May.

Manuel BM, believed to be the biggest currency counterfeiter in Spain, was the first to be captured on the list, thanks to information provided by a citizen just 48 hours after its publication.

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