Dangerous Brian 2 Prisoner Attacks Five Prison Officers


The prisoner, JM, is in preventive custody for the offenses of murder, arson, robbery with violence and intimidation and injuries, he is reportedly the author of three deaths in January 2020.

Brian 2
Brian 2 entering the prison.Tony AlbirEFE

a remand prisoner Brian 2imprisoned for three murders in barcelona In 2020, he has attacked five officers, three of whom had to be transferred to a health center by being punched, kicked and bitten in the arm with a ventilation grill.

According to information received from jail sources, the incident took place at around 9:25 am, when the jail officials Brian 2in Sant Esteve Cesarovares ,barcelona), went to the cell of special department of closed system ,nuisance) in order for this troubled prisoner to be able to change his location and repair the intercom.

prisoner, JMis in preventive custody for offenses of murder, arson, violence and robbery with intimidation and injuries, as he is reportedly the author of three deaths in January 2020, a man’s house caught fire old townHe allegedly killed an elderly woman in the lobby of another building and a worker Barcelona’s Town Hall who stabbed the plaza sant jaume,

security protocol

Despite the fact that the prisoner appeared calm, when officers opened his cell door to let him out, he became aggressive and kicked one of the guards in the chest and punched the other and left the room. been able to. The ventilation grille has caused a cut in the hand of one of the prison personnel.

The prisoner has punched and kicked officers present in the area, so that one of them was kicked in the face and the other injured his hands and fell on him when the prisoner tried to lower him.

Due to the attack, three officers have been transferred to a mutual health company to be treated for their injuries, while the other two have been treated by medical services. Brian 2 And it is not necessary for them to get further medical help.

The prisoner remained stable from 9:40 am to 12:10 pm and is still hospitalised. nuisanceAccording to sources, however, a security protocol will apply to him, under which he will always be accompanied by three officers and he will be handcuffed during transfers.

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