Dangerous Prisoner Escape Ends With Alabama Jail’s Deputy Director: He, Arrested and He, Dead


Police caught Vicky White, 56, and Casey White, 38, who were romantically linked, after 10 days of harassment.

File photo taken on May 4, 2022, a video grab taken by the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department shows Casey White, an inmate at the Lauderdale Detention Center.
Alabama jail deputy warden absconding with dangerous prisonerAFP
  • America Alabama jail deputy warden absconding with dangerous prisoner

United States police on Monday arrested an “extremely dangerous” prisoner in the state of Indiana while the prison agent who helped him escape in late April died.

The fugitives aroused interest because of enormous contrasts: that a Atonement Officer with a Modelica Professional Career And he is the culprit again, with a murder behind him, which measures over two meters.

“Casey White has been arrested again,” Sheriff Rick Singleton told reporters.

Vanderburgh County officials confirmed to AFP Monday night that they are “investigating the death of Vicky White, an Alabama fugitive.”

The former jail officer passed away at 7:00 pm. (0000 GMT Tuesday) and an autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, officials added in a statement.

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Vicky White and Casey White, who would be romantically linked, were later intercepted by the police 10 days of harassment Which caught the attention of American media.

couple moved in a van picap Ford drove through the city of Evansville, in the center of the Midwest, when police began chasing him, said Sheriff Rick Singleton, in charge of coordinating the search for the fugitives.

Woman “shot herself and grievously injured”Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding told CNN.

“During the chase, the pickaxe crashed. Casey White to Entreg“, Singleton had previously detailed.

The search lasted ten days after White’s breakout from an Alabama prison, as the escapees were roaming Hundreds of miles and at least four states.

Vicki White sold her house weeks before escaping You Withdraw $90,000 in cash from various banks

Vicky White, 56, and Casey White, 38, share a surname but are not related.


The fugitives aroused interest because of huge contrasts: He is a corrections officer with a model professional career. And that’s the repeat offender who is over two meters tall.

“Today a very dangerous man is off the streets,” declared Singleton.

His men were alerted to the couple’s presence in the state of Indiana and video surveillance images of a car wash station where a Ford van of fugitives was seen.

The exodus, which seemed to be taken from a film script, took place on 29 April; what gives in The agent stopped working to retire.

In a video, the officer is taking the prisoner with his arms and legs tied to a police vehicle and taking him out of jail. Under the pretext of an alleged psychological evaluation in court.

The woman, described by the county attorney as “the most trusted person in prison,” then transferred her to a substitute vehicle in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center.

researchers learned that Woman sold her house weeks before escaping You Withdraw $90,000 in cash from various banksSingleton said last week.

Casey White has been sentenced to 75 years in prison for a long series of crimes And he is charged with murder after admitting to killing a 58-year-old woman in 2015.

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