Dani de la Torre: “Children today are very exposed to social networks”


Galician director has it in cinemas live is LifeA movie with a taste of the eighties that few compare to los goonies, De la Torre is responsible for the series. Unit,

Daniel of the Tower: "then either
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in the movies Tower of Daniels (Monfort de Lemos, Lugo, 1975), the heroes are usually tough people who must measure themselves against the villains without trembling their pulse. come in Stranger and in shadow of law and also in series Unit (Movistar Plus+). Even then, In live is Life (Already in theaters) Heroes are still heroes. But their greatest enemy is themselves, along with their weaknesses and fears.

The film is from 1985.

film, set in 1985 and which has been compared to los goonies After passing through the Málaga Festival, Ribeira tells the adventures of a group of children in Sacra during a long night in San Juan. events that turn them away from adversity And in which friendship, brotherhood and the will to live come to the fore. But Naughty and fear of cancer, Especially when the disease affects a single character. “For those who go to see live is Life I would say to them: ‘Go watch it, relax and enjoy'”, says the filmmaker with a wide smile.

when we were young

“When I was little, we used to play with trading cards, slingshots and things like that. On the other hand, today’s children are exposed to a lot of social networks.“The filming took place in places where he had a great time as a child,” the Galician director explained after admitting that “I think in the 80s we were freer and more ignorant. Earlier you used to take bike in the morning and come back home in the afternoon. Now the kids go out for a while and you get scared thinking something might happen to them. This film remembers those times. And I think a lot of young people are going to be scared!”

live is Lifewhich takes its title from the eighties hit by the Opus group, Expresses happiness, life and hope, your script has been Written by Albert Espinosa, Dani de la Torre admits to having a great opinion of him on many levels. “We’re from the same generation. Being sick hasn’t changed Albert’s philosophy of life. He was a guy with a lot of hope and a desire to dream and work, regardless of what he’s going through. Albert Espinosa has a way of looking at life in which he highlights positive things, I know this would seem like a currency to some. I see a real person in him.”

Dani de la Torre with the stars of 'Live is Life'.
Dani de la Torre with the stars of ‘Live is Life’.

Neither social networks nor mobile

what in the movie live is Life There is no mobile phone, the year in which it takes place, prompting de la Torre to think of freedom. “Now there is a fear of opening up. Social networks have made people close and not reveal what is inside them. Previously, we didn’t need to be liked by everyone. I hope they don’t kill me for making a film with heart and emotion.”

“I didn’t think about it, but It would be great if someone told me in a few weeks live is Life She is the first movie to watch in the cinema. Removing the animation ones, of course. It must be some magical and real reason why I dedicate myself to telling this story”, says the director of Monfort de Lemos with a special gleam in his eye. “If for some reason it comes to telling stories So my work is understandable, it is for such things I saw in my childhood ET, Alien, and remember him for the rest of his life. to like karate boy hey return to the future, cause i did live is Life This is my mother, who is now dead. My father, who has seen the film many times in the past, is very excited.”

Image from the series 'La Unidad' on Movistar Plus+.
Image from the series ‘La Unidad’ on Movistar Plus+.

A successful thriller on television ‘La Unidad’

very different from live is LifeNow in cinemas, is Chain Unit, It has a police group specializing in jihadist terrorism. Experience moments of great stress. Danny de la Torre explains, “I wanted to make a series that would show that we work here in Spain as well as in America. Like we’ve seen so many times in movies and series.” “While preparing Unit I found very well trained people who speak many languages, who work with police in other countries… I have shown people that, thanks to their work, it gives us the opportunity to live in a safer country. And, although I know a lot of things I can’t tell, I must say that every week there is one arrest that appears in the newspapers as a small piece of news… and that could have been much more.

Finally, Dani de la Torre’s future plans include third season of UnitA Thriller “Starring a Woman” And on another television production Organized Crime in Marbella, And there’s a curiosity why Luis Tosar isn’t live is Life, being de la Torre’s regular collaborator he is. “I called him but he couldn’t! As always, Louis was shooting other things…”.

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