Daniel Ortega: “Nobody’s Interested In That Summit, Rather It’s Dirty”


Other countries have also joined the fight against Biden, but for different reasons. The United States, the host of the Americas summit, has advanced that it does not have the continent’s three dictatorships (Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua) for the continental summit.

Nicaragua's President, Daniel Ortega, in a file image.
Nicaragua’s President, Daniel Ortega, in a file image.

Daniel Ortega takes advantage of the celebration of the birth of Augusto Caesar Sandino Attack in Managua against US summit, Held in June in Los Angeles. “I tell the Yankees, forget it, we’re not interested in going to that summit. Going to that summit is going to be fulfilling, we already know what. That summit doesn’t elevate anyone, but it’s dirty, sloppy,” claimed the Sandinista leader, who called on all Latin Americans to defend themselves from the “empire.”

The United States, the host of America’s Summit, has advanced that It does not have the continent’s three dictatorships (Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua) to the Continental Convention, which led to the President of Mexico, Anders Manuel Lepez Obrador, Became the defender of three revolutions. And he has done it so strongly that he has already announced that he will not go to Los Angeles, even though Mexico will be represented by his foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrard.

The leaders of Cuba and Venezuela have shown their anger at the decision of the earlier administration. Joe Biden. In Managua, things move more slowly in the palace. The Sandinista leader said, “We understand the concerns of the Latin American presidents, the attitude of the governments who are questioning and we recognize their brave attitude. They have questioned the fact that the Yankees marginalize Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. Putting it on.” – Elected in November. passed before the country thanks to some fraudulent choice which were not recognized by the international community. Ortega has jailed seven opposition candidates for the same elections.

López Obrador’s initiative has the full support of the President of Bolivia, Louis Arce, who would not attend either conference, as well as Honduran leftists Zimara Castro, Despite his predecessor’s recent extradition to the US, Juan Orlando Hernandez.

governments of Argentina and Chile He has also shown his displeasure at the boycott of the three revolutions, but for now it looks like he will join the appointment. The small Caribbean islands gathered around CARICOM are also expressing their doubts about the trip to Los Angeles. just a few days agoNicolas Maduro Many of these countries forgave the debt they had taken with Caracas.

Other countries have also joined the fight against Biden, but for different reasons. Brazil, El Salvador and Guatemala both threatened to leave Had a meeting that has upended the Democratic government. Two Central Americans are in the eyes of Biden for his authoritarian tics, while Jair Bolsonaro, The far-right president of the South American giant showed his doubts: “We’re just studying it, it depends on many things.”

“Shame The show that the Yankee rulers are giving”, Ortega concluded, who would hardly have gone to the United States if he had been invited. The dictator weighs against Nicaragua a proposal by the Organization of American States (OEA) that declares that international criminal. He will also have obvious problems if Maduro can appear in California, as the $15 million bounty on his “head” is still in force. They accuse him of drug terrorism.

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