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He was the winner of the Seville Fair and he still has an afternoon to fight in San Isidro and another in Plaza de Aranjuez, where he will share the poster on May 29 with Morante de la Puebla and Alejandro Talavante.

Experts confirm that you are at your best.
They are of many years of struggle and sacrifice. I had a slab on top and after the victory in Seville, I took it off. Now I am freer and fight less stress.
What does Prince’s Gate taste like?
is special. I am still enjoying it. It’s been many years trying to find an important day that you remember in your life and if it’s Seville, in my land and my square, just imagine. It has been one of the most beautiful victories of my life and I hope it will not be the last.
Are you eternally dissatisfied?
Yes, it bothers me a lot. I am very insecure about wanting to look good with myself so that I can be successful later. I need to be very aware that homework is done.
What is the difference between fighting in Las Ventas and bullring like Aranjuez?
Responsibility is always there. Plaza de Aranjuez is special because it has an incomparable setting. The cartel, along with Morante and Talavante, has garnered a lot of attention. If we win in San Isidro, imagine the atmosphere that would be in a bullfight.
Are the people of Line 7 of Las Ventas also demanding or who see the essence of the bull fight?
He has shown me that in the moments he has had to demand me, he has demanded me and he was right. And, when they’ve had to bring me in, they’ve done the same. When I have put myself in my place and I have important evenings, he has never let me down.
You grow up before tough bulls.
I want to get more fame for being played by very good bulls and I will fight them very well. I try to connect with them. As Master Ordez used to say, there are six days in which you have to go to the square not to die, but to cross a line that is too complicated to cross every day.
What don’t you like that they do in the square?
noise. The other day I was fighting in Palos de la Frontera and there was a fair. I heard the sound of children and walkers in the fair and this made me very nervous. I really like to feel the countryside, the solitude, the warmth of the people when they are silent.
What goes through your mind when the bull catches you?
I try not to fall on the ground. This is something that worries me a lot.
What if this happens?
that I should not run away. I try to fight not to fall. I am a bullfighter who is very lucky and the bulls don’t hold me much. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take risks. Bullfighters who are not caught by the bulls have the ability to think and the bull has to go through a place where it doesn’t want to. I believe that courage is more intelligence than the courage to stop the fuck. I see it more unconsciously than consciously. When we bullfighters let an animal pass through that place, we are taking a lot of risk.
Is being a matador in Spain a blessing or a test these days?
Without a doubt, a blessing. The life of a bullfighter is the most beautiful. We live the way we want to do what we love and on top of that, they pay us. Then comes the harshness, the fear, the failures… but you have more good things than bad.
Bullfighters used to be heroes, but now they call you killers.
It depends very much on me and I try to isolate myself from those things. This puts significant personal pressure on me. I would never call anyone a killer for practicing my profession. We are capable of losing our lives for nothing. There are days when you hit the square and, financially, you know you’re not going to solve your life with what you’re going to earn, but you’re capable of doing your own justice.
The people of the city think about the bull and life in the countryside without a clue?
Right-handed Pablo Aguado complained that the city’s animal experts insist on keeping a dog in five square metres.
Or caged birds. If we are so empowered in those things, we should look to others. The bull is an animal that comes out to defend its life and is free to catch, charge and earn its living at that time. The bull is 100% cared for and taken care of to the point that neither people have. This is a unique animal.
Life offers you the cure of humility, what has been yours?
very. I have made many mistakes and I am aware of it. I am lucky because life has given me a chance to improve them.
CMO culls?
Do not step in critical moments. I have never forgiven myself for this.
The stage of achieving glory?
I have been a conformist in times when I didn’t have to be. That’s why I have lived the moments that I have to live. Today I am happy because I have progressed as a person and as a bullfighter. My life is always on the line as I always try to push myself to the limit in my profession. If I am capable, I will be able and if I am not, I will know that being a person in bull fighting is the hardest thing in the world. I am on that path. I have many things to achieve.
What are your rituals before leaving?
I pray in my chapel where I have pictures of my mother and my mother-in-law, people I have lost along the way who were very close to Amy and who supported me a lot.
I didn’t know you were married.
Well, she is my girlfriend, but she was like… my mother-in-law died at a very young age and she was a pillar, after my mother, my sister, my girlfriend and my father as well as very important . More than praying, I ask you to support me in those difficult moments when someone is blocked.
What is the hardest part of your profession?
Failure. However, you learn a lot from failure and with victory comes many mistakes. Winning is bad. It is good financially and used to make contracts, but personally it is negative. When you fail, you are able to learn and move forward the most.
You went to Mexico to study at the age of 12, but you didn’t have a good time.
No, these are things one has to go through in life. He blames me for bad character and everything comes the same way. Defending oneself at such a young age as a child and not being near important relatives affects a lot. It has become difficult for me to find myself. Now I have done it.
You have declared that you bullfighters are too childish because you have not been a child.
This is true. Now I do the work which I used to love to do as a child.
Many things The Madness of Innocence I really like feeling innocent and doing things I can’t. If they tell me it’s impossible to get there, that’s what motivates me the most. I love horses and I defy everyone in the world. I haven’t fixed it. I do it to be a ballplayer with people who are on my side.
Who has been the greatest bullfighter?
Jose Tomas has influenced me the most. But the bullfighter I admire the most is El Julie. He has been able to bear everything.
Is the national holiday in danger?
No, there are not that many opponents of bullfighting. We should be one.
Vox is the only party that defends bullfighting?
I don’t know much about politics. It is not only a fight of the bulls, but also the field. Bullfighting is the second mass show that leaves the most money for the state. It gives a lot of work and a lot of money. I am not telling you that we are not doing anything wrong. Well, you have to fix them like everything else.
Who are the main enemies of bullfighting?
Sometimes we have to blame ourselves for not letting people in our circle. We have to be one.
And are you bullfighters?
We should all get down in the same river. Many things are being achieved. Ground performance has been a turning point in Madrid. It is seen that we are not alone. We are not talking of the world of bullfighting, but of the rural world, of hunting, of fishing… that is life. You are the people and you cannot go against it.
Are bullfighters more cared for in France than in Spain? There you are a figure.
I am very grateful to France. If I am living these moments now, it is because of France. He supported me in the most difficult moments of my career. They were able to catch and shelter me. Now I have to return all that love.
How is the mood of a bullfighter?
What myths about matadors should be dispelled?
We ourselves have created a shell of hardened people that we are capable of killing an animal. That is not true. We are very sensitive. We have to let people see what we are capable of feeling for an animal.
And what do you feel about the bull?
For me, the bull is the most important character in this party.
More than a bullfighter?
Yes, because He is the one who makes us, the one who allows us to be more or less great, the one who talks to us, the one who can least defend himself and who should be respected the most.
Is it worse than before?
No, bullfighting has come a long way in technology. Animals are what drives us forward. The farmer has created an animal to create some extraordinary creations, but it takes a lot of technique and ability.
Do you need technology more than ever?
Yes, and many more. Previously, the bull was more of a passerby. The hour slows down and humiliates itself. You have to hook him, hold him very tightly and be very precise in everything.
Bulls becoming more tame?
Not for me. There are very brave cattle farms and, as you can see, there are very few tame bulls.
Tennis bullfighters ‘group’ like rock stars?
Yes definitely. There are unconditional people who go miles away to see you and who save money to go to bullfights. is very pretty. I attach great importance to it. They are the kind of people who are happy when I win and they are there when I don’t.
What is the hardest work life has given you?
That’s a gentle treat. Seeing as if I had everything and being nothing.
Did you have to go to hell?
Yes, very. That, along with losing the people you love, is the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. That’s what will make you great.
How did he get down to hell?
I couldn’t explain it to you. There are times when I need more time to figure out how to get out of where I was. I need time. I’m sure of the people who have been there: my crew, my family… There have been times when things have gone through my mind that I don’t know if I’ll be able to face them again. If it happened again, I don’t know if I would have the strength for it.
Okay, now you’re up again.
Yes, but you have to persist and keep going in this fight, which is not easy.

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