Dazs Ayuso responds to Zimo Puig defending his “successful” fiscal model against Valencian indebtedness


The president, invited by businessmen, responds to accusations of ‘fiscal dumping’ and opposes the “breaking up of institutions”. He gives some advice to AVE members: “Do like Andaluca. You get out of socialism”

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Isabel Daz Ayuso talks with Juan Rog before his conference.Of. frusterlingEFE

President of the Community of Madrid, Isabelle Diaz AyusoI took advantage of the invitation Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs (AVE) to answer zimo puigo, without naming him, and his proposals for fiscal cohesion and decentralization were understood as a direct attack on the policies of the President of Madrid from the capital. In front of an audience with a hundred businessmen, he was tempted to compare his government’s measures of “success” in the face of fiscal pressure and Valencian indebtedness, and called for unity between the two autonomous regions before beginning a piece of advice. Did: “Do as in Andalusia, out of socialism”.

AVE President welcomes Daz Ayuso, Vicente Boluda, as “the best known and recognized Spanish politician who has been able to win the admiration of not only the citizens of Madrid” and launched a series of challenges from which the president of Madrid avoided two: the need to reform the financing system. and to reinforce the idea of ​​a circular Spain with infrastructure such as the Mediterranean Corridor, which AVE strongly promotes. The Madrid leader did not say a word on both issues.

His speech, which astounded businessmen, was based on a comparison between his policies and the botanic. With regard to taxes, I decline “Fake ‘dumping’ fiscal”, which he described as “an excuse for a bad student”, and warned that reconciliation is a “political and linguistic trap that hides an increase in taxes” that “doesn’t bode well for Madrid or Spain”. “It is essential that taxes be reduced and progress is harmonized, not a culture of misery and subsidies”, he insisted, adding that the Valencian community had ” fiscal pressure Highest income tax in all of Spain, one of the highest rates in inheritance tax and four extraordinary own taxes for people earning more than 110,000 euros”. Fights submerged economy and encourages the will of entrepreneurs and freelancers”.

Ayuso also recalled that Madrid does not go to the FLA and is financed by markets and reviewed public spending, administration costs and indebtedness, which is twice as high as Madrid in the Valencian community, as he explained. . “The Valencian Community’s public debt is twice its budget. In 2008, when the Popular Party ruled, the Valencian Community allocated 3% of GDP for public investment. The average between 2015 and 2021 is 1.5% because Valencian’s The money is used for other purposes”, he stressed, before showing foreign investment in Madrid was 72% compared to 3% in the Valencian community.

Decentralization, “silly and unnecessary”

The second pillar of Puig’s ‘Valencian Road’ that he wanted to eliminate was decentralisation, “the separation of investment and institutions, always looking to grudge against Madrid to justify the lack of constructive, encouraging and exciting policies”.

“Decapitalizing Madrid is not only foolish, it’s unnecessary, it’s not going to help citizens settle in other parts of the national territory,” he said as an example that “raising taxes in the city of Valencia is of no use shall be a resident of Alicante or Castellón, nor, in their opinion, the transfer of the Valencian Court or the regional television”.

“Why don’t they look for prosperous projects for the whole of Spain, which create jobs and opportunities instead of destroying the machinery of a watch like our country? What engine works by taking out its parts?”, he himself asked the. An example that was condemned by the President of Madrid was Pedro Sánchez’s announcement that the Spanish Space Agency, created within the framework of a new strategic project for the recovery and economic transformation of the aerospace sector, would not be in Madrid.

Addressing businessmen, Ayusso has assured that he wants the Valencian community to have the same development as Madrid and that his government will be “on his side”, aiming to “recover a bridge” that will benefit the citizens of Spain. allows it to work. “And thus continue to build a “prosperous, welcoming and free” country. Their formula of reducing taxes and suppressing broadcasting, with a legal framework with little intervention, market integration and public-private cooperation There were ideas that Valencian businessmen recognized as shared.

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