Death toll from rain in Brazil’s Recife region rises to 79. has occurred


Authorities have urged the evacuation of 32,000 families living in at-risk areas

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The funeral home after a landslide in the Ibura neighborhood of Recife.AFP
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Heavy rain has already killed at least 79 people in the region of the Brazilian city of Recife since last Tuesday, and forecasts point to There will be more rain in the next few days.

In addition, 56 people are missing and 25 are injured and 3,957 are without shelter and 533 have been evicted, according to the latest report from Pernambuco Governor Paulo Camara, who appeared at a press conference late this Sunday. Quoting sources from the Institute of Medicine (IML).

Regional Development Minister Daniel Ferreira advocated this State of emergency declared in Recife and Pernambuco In the event of a flood, which requires the publication of the measure in the Official Gazette of the Union, the equivalent of the Official State Gazette in Brazil. After that additional resources can be released to deal with the emergency.

Of the 30 deaths reported on Saturday, 20 correspond to a Landslide in Jardim Monte VerdeIn the neighborhood of Iburra, south of Recife, according to a report by the Brazilian Civil Defense.

On this Sunday, a delegation from the government has left over the affected area. Ferreira and the Minister of Tourism, Carlos Brito; Health, Marcelo Quiroga and Citizen, Ronaldo Bento.

officials have urged Evacuate 32,000 families living in at-risk areas And they have offered refuge in municipal facilities, while others have had to stay at the homes of friends or relatives.

In addition, the state government has announced 93.1 million euro release ($100 million) for affected municipalities.

Counting was done from 11:00 pm on Friday and from 11:00 am on Saturday 236 mm of rain per square meter In some areas of the city, that represented more than 70 percent of the total forecast for the city in May, according to Civil Defense.

Paulo Camara has announced the appointment of 92 new members of fire department that he should take up his post by 6th June with the objective that Strengthen the rescue of flood victimsAs reported by ‘O Globo’.

In addition, Camara has requested the support of ships and aircraft from personnel of the armed forces, as well as from the Brazilian military.

For his part, the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has said through his social network this Sunday that he will visit Recife on Monday. “Know the Tragedy” in Pernambuco.

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