Debanhi Escobar’s second autopsy says she was murdered and faced sexual abuse

Mario Escobar Salazar, the father of teenager Debanhi Escobar, who was found dead in northern Mexico after going missing for 12 days, has condemned the incident. independent autopsy filtration Which shows that she was murdered and sexually abused.

“I demand that it be done A purge at Nuevo León’s prosecutor’s officeI demand that if the prosecutor or the deputy prosecutor, is it the people who are leaking that information i want his headMario Escobar Salazar said in one of his videos, “Let them go and get out of here because they don’t deserve to profit from the people of Nuevo Leone, it’s not worth it.” .” and seeks justice for the “woman murder” of her daughter.

“They already took my daughter from me, they already killed her, they already killed her, they already hide videos from me, I don’t trust Nuevo León prosecutor’s office anymore,” she condemned, according to financial,

“I don’t know how much they pay, I don’t know how much they charge them, I don’t know what the prosecutor’s office is doing I trusted, I trusted they were going to do things right Were, they were afraid and I tell them, so the Nuevo Leone prosecutor’s office didn’t believe them, because they are corrupt,” says Mario Escobar Salazar, who also criticized the first autopsy.

The second forensic report on the death of Debanhi Escobar, which reviews the first official autopsy, rejects the hypothesis of a possible accident involving the young woman, a line of investigation that was followed by the Nuevo León state attorney general’s office. Is.

details of independent forensic reportThe request by Debanhi’s family was revealed after Mexican media proceeded with the report. Country

Rai, Joe Review the first official autopsyindicates that the body of the 18-year-old girl “showed signs of sexual violence” and that she Died “before his body was offered or thrown” in the motel’s water tankWhere he was found on 19 April.

“It is a violent massacre,” the quoted report said.

“Omissions and Errors”

On 27 April, the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office, Special prosecutor for missing persons and anti-hijacking prosecutor sackedAccording to the report by Efe, who led the case because of serious “omissions and errors” in the investigation.

The eviction was due to the fact that the search groups probing the case reviewed the hotel four times, the same in which they did not find the body, which was ultimately located inside the pool located in the courtyard of the building.

At the conference that day, the prosecutor’s office showed the media some videos, starting at 4:26 a.m. after the last photo was taken by the taxi driver, who was transporting Debanhi and dropping him off on the Monterey, Nuevo Laredo highway. Had been. ,

In the video, the girl is seen going to a trucking company and her entry into the premises is not being appreciated. Minutes later he heads to the Castilla Hotel where the young woman walks through the site’s courtyard, and according to prosecutors she went “to the area of ​​the pool” where her body was located.

That day the prosecutor reiterated that the young woman’s cause of death was the product of a “deep skull injury”, which was the effect of an autopsy located on the forehead.

Despite this, prosecutor Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero reiterated that it “does not rule out any investigation, including murder by organized crime.”

However, one line of investigation is that Debanhi accidentally fell into the pool of the hotel, as the videos do not show that anyone was following or accompanying her.

middle class college girl

The case, which took place in the affluent city of Monterrey (North), aroused unusual interest in Mexico, where The crisis of feminism dates back to the 1990s and especially hits poor women.

Debanhi’s death, a middle class collegeBrought the experience closer to the more preferred social areas making a big impact and social pressure, but also the trivialization of the matter by the media, say experts consulted by AFP.

The report stated that Debanhi’s body “shows traces of a violent and recent vaginal intercourse” and that this was evidenced by the finding of “purple ecchymos and bruises” on the external area of ​​the genitals, the journalistic note referenced. does.

They point out that the official autopsy did not mention or analyze possible signs of sexual violence on Debanhi’s body. Country,

report agrees first autopsy in which the cause of death was a “intrauterine bleeding”But details are there that the young woman has multiple head injuries and not just one, according to the official report.

“Craniofacial intrusions are of external origin to the body and because they are intense, repetitive and with different angles of impact, it follows that they were caused by another person and that it’s a violent massacre“, gives details of the above newspaper.

The article indicates that the Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Nuevo León I received the independent forensic report on May 2.

Debanhi’s case has caused a stir in Mexico, a country with an average of more than 10 women murdered every day and more than 1,000 homicides, gender-based crimes in 2021.

So far this year, a wave of disappearances of at least thirty women has been recorded in Nuevo León state, reports Efe news.

Debanhi’s death is already being investigated as a woman-murder crimeAfter originally registered as one missing, and work being done to standardize “a final opinion” based on two autopsies, Mexico’s Under Secretary of Public Security, Ricardo Meja, said Thursday morning. gave information.

Meanwhile, President Anders Manuel López Obrador said he was ready Meet Debanhi’s FatherMario Escobar, during his visit to Monterrey this Friday.

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