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Side Effects, Cushing’s Syndrome, Skin Weakness, Internet and Word of Mouth; The main reasons why, first of all, some people reject this drug

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After several trips to the pharmacy in search of a ‘miraculous’ solution that doesn’t come, you go to the doctor. Once there you hear “It will be necessary to take cortisone”, at the same time your head repeats. “No, no, no, corticosteroids, no”, ace, one corticofabicoTo go to the pharmacy in search of miracles, asks the specialist for a different treatment that doesn’t involve launching into the world of cortisone, which has “saved lives” in many cases, is said to Francisca Gonzalez Rubio, spokesperson for the Drug Use Working Group Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (Same FYC).

But, if he is an ally rather than an enemy, Why does corticophobia arise or rejection of this drug? The main reasons are Internet access and out-of-context experiences. “It must have been spread through the network that corticosteroids make you fat. It is true that you retain fluid, but as is the case on the Internet, they would have talked about more and only with side effects. Will stay, without looking for their benefits”, explained Francisca Gonzalez. Factors such as “Corticosteroids have saved many lives, but always under strict medical control”, Word of mouth and self-medication spread its bad reputation, Which is a far cry from what we doctors think about this drug, the semFYC expert said.

for corticosteroids,doctors worship himBut also respect. Those are option B. First we look for several alternatives and finally, we resort to them.” Purpose of this medicine artificially copy the action of a hormone Working with more power to deal with certain problems of our body. Specifically, corticosteroids or glucocorticosteroids are, technically, steroid hormones naturally produced by the cortex of our adrenal glands, and are Actions of vital importance on our metabolic, immune and cardiovascular systems. Synthetically, they are commonly used as drugs with anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory action, and they are generally a useful and recurrent resource in skin problems.

Steroid drugs are used not only to treat inflammation, but also to treat asthma, skin rashes or eczema, and even to prevent organ rejection in a transplant patient. This medicine has a lot of miraculous properties which are generally not liked by the common people. The first step in taking corticosteroids is to strictly follow medical recommendations, and the second is to avoid talking to family, friends, and neighbors. The adverse effects attributable to social phobia of these substances are minimal when they are used topically and appear only when treated over a long period of time. “We consider it as the longer term than Three weeks, At this point, the side effects of the treatment begin”, Dr. Gonzalez explained.

In an overdose, you inhibit the production of the adrenal glands, then it becomes blocked and the body stops the natural production of hormones. “The most serious side effect is Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis suppression“, that is, “the body stops producing cortisol because it is being administered by other routes”, the cmFYC expert said. There are other side effects, but nothing that does not appear in the endless prospectus for other drugs The difficulty is that “they do not vary from person to person with this drug, In the long run, they are all visible. But they disappear when treatment is stopped,” González Rubio said.

“If I Take It I’ll Be Fat”

It is true that they increase the amount of sugar in the blood, because they also induce redistribution of body mass with habit Cushingoid, i.e. with full moon face (increased fat in the neck and face area). “But nothing is inconsistent if the recommended time is met and nothing will disappear once the treatment is stopped,” explained the specialist.

“Skin damages”

Prolonged use of creams with this ingredient favors atrophy and weakening of the skin, which can lead to the appearance of stretch marks and delayed wound healing. “There is no specific care that does not require any other medication. If exposure to the sun at peak times is avoided and sun protection is used, Reduces the likelihood of shivering”, explained Dr. Gonzalez. It is true that the appearance of rashes such as acne, allergic contact dermatitis and other skin lesions related to its topical administration, such as rosacea, among others “But not always a problem with recommendations, it is recommended to apply it at night, and remove it thoroughly in the morning, and always apply sunscreen before going out.”

The main problem is self-medication

It is not a medicine to keep in the medicine cabinet and use again and again. “It cannot be re-administered without medical advice. That’s why it requires a prescription. What was applied in acute outbreaks may not work in mild. Not to use it again.” Before, you should go to the doctor first.” since the second or third outbreak Lower doses of this ingredient may be needed, and “create a problem we didn’t have” When using it without supervision”, Dr. González Rubio has pointed out.

Cortisol follows the circadian rhythm, meaning that cortisol is high when we wake up in the morning and decreases at night, usually when we go to sleep. The same goes with stress, the greater the stress, the greater the production of cortisol. “If you’re stressed and cortisol levels are high, then, Insomnia, weight gain, an increase in bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides appear because it increases the synthesis of these substances in the liver.“, clarified the semFYC expert.

Whatever the duration, it’s important end treatment gradually, First, to alert the adrenal glands so that they can re-regulate the production of these hormones and avoid the effects of possible suppression of the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis.

Corticophobia, a new term, gives the name to a fear that appeared 20 years ago. “In the past there was not so much control by the patient and if treatment duration or doctor’s instructions were neglected. That’s when the dangerous adverse effects begin”, concluded Francisca. Despite the fear, “corticosteroids have significantly improved the quality of life of people with autoimmune diseases,” explained the doctor. In In 1950, the Nobel Prize was awarded for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with corticosteroids. “It was such a success that it has since been marketed thinking it was a treatment, but in the end it was not. This treatment improves the patient’s quality of life”, Dr. Gonzalez Rubio concluded.

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