Delgado sets June 29 to form Fiscal Council after internal criticism


The majority prosecutors’ union sent them a letter requesting that “as soon as possible” proceed with the formation of the said body

Dolores Delgado, in Bilbao last March for the anniversary of the Organization Statute
Dolores Delgado, for the anniversary of the organic statute of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Bilbao last March.Europa Press
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The state’s attorney general, Dolores Delgado, has set a plenary session for the formation of the new financial council for the next June 29, according to fiscal sources. World, The elected members of the body have received a letter signed by the Inspectorate Prosecutor, Maria Antonia Sanzowhere they are called to the headquarters at 12 noon for that day attorney general of stateWhich is located on Calle Fortuny in Madrid.

Despite the fact that the attorney general is still on medical leave following his back surgery, Delgado hopes he will be able to preside over the act, according to sources consulted. Thus the former Minister of Justice takes note of the claim made by the members of the majority prosecutors’ union (AF) that last week they sent him a letter requesting that “as soon as possible” go ahead with the formation of the Fiscal Council.

The fact is that there was some inconvenience in the financial career as there was no fixed date for the body to start operations even after almost a month after the election of the advisory body. Not in vain in previous mandates, the Fiscal Council was formed, once the final results of the elected members were published, within a period of between five and seven days after the publication of the lists.

In the event that Delgado continues on medical leave on June 29, the Attorney General may be replaced by the Supreme Court’s lieutenant prosecutor, Sala’s prosecutor. Angels Sanchez Conde, Article 6 of the royal decree governing the operation of this body states that in the event of vacancy, absence or illness, the State Attorney General shall be headed by the plenary and replaced by a Deputy Prosecutor of the Permanent Commission. Supreme court.

In the last elections to the Fiscal Council, FA Arras, the Independent Professional Association of Prosecutors, won representation for the first time, and Dolores Delgado’s old association, the Progressive Union of ProsecutorsHalve their representation.

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