Democrats lose their mandate to protect abortion rights


United States President Joe Biden attacks Republicans for blocking the vote

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Two anti-abortion protests in WashingtonDrew AngerAFP
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the Democrats US Senate It didn’t get enough votes this Wednesday to move a bill aimed at protecting abortion at the federal level is a right that Supreme court Looks doomed to finish in the coming weeks.

The initiative was founded on a significant vote as Democrats they didn’t get the 60 support they needed So that the debate on it can start in the Senate.

with the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, presiding over the session, 50 Republicans voted en masse, while Democrats voted one by one, shouting: “Hey!” (s).

was the only Democrat to break away from his party Joe MunchkinThe last to vote and who left the score 49 votes in favor and 51 against.

The voting took place in an atmosphere of high tension when last week Politico Media published a draft of the US Supreme Court ruling that pointed to the repeal of abortion rights enshrined in the landmark sentence.cry against wade in 1973.

The leaks put Democrats on the defensive, as Roe v. Repealing Wade would allow Republicans to restrict and even eliminate that right by passing laws in state houses.

President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, attacked Republicans for blocking the vote. “Republicans in Congress, none of whom voted for this bill, chose to stand in the way of Americans’ rights to make the most personal decisions about their bodies, families, and lives,” Biden said in a statement. Chosen.”

“We uphold the constitutional rights of women to make their own individual reproductive choices, as recognized nearly half a century ago in ‘Roe v. Wade,’ and my administration will explore the measures and tools at our disposal to do so. Will continue,” Biden pledged.

“Today’s vote is one of the most important votes in decades,” the leader of the Democrats in the Upper House said before the vote. Chuck Schumer,

Schumer promoted the vote with the aim of forcing senators to position themselves publicly, despite the fact that it had little chance of succeeding.

Currently, the Senate is split down the middle with 50 seats for Republicans and 50 for Democrats, the tiebreaker vote holding a majority for Harris, who serves as Speaker of the House.

Schumer insisted that The “real” and “immediate” results would be If the Supreme Court overturned “Roe v. Wade”.

Notably, if the Supreme Court strikes down abortion protection, 26 of the 50 US states would move to ban it.

This would mean that nearly half of women of reproductive age in the United States, about 36 million, would be left without access to service in the area where they live, according to calculations. planned ParenthoodThe largest network of reproductive health clinics in the United States.

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