Devil’s tubercle: why it is poisonous and how to identify it


The Devil’s turnip is a highly toxic herbaceous plant that is abundant in Galicia, Asturias and the Mediterranean basin.

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Satan’s turnip root that caused the death of a man in Galicia.Burgondo City Council
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It belongs to the umbelliferae, the same family as the carrot, coriander, parsley or cumin, but it is a very poisonous plant. his name is Oyanthe crocata You Oenanthe spp (X 49 Cie 10)but better known devil turnip, In high volume Galicia, asturias and in the Mediterranean basin, Rural people are well aware of the dangers associated with its consumption herbaceous plantso the case Intoxication The occasional occurrence is usually from hikers without botanical experience who have mistakenly eaten it for some other food.

This month, the death of a 37-year-old resident of Burgondo (A Corua) due to consumption of this tuber prompted the Court of First Instance and Investigation No. 2 of Betanzos to ask the Burgondo City Council. alert the population that you don’t eat devil’s tubercle, Since then, Internet searches for this plant have skyrocketed to find why is it poisonous And above all CMO Recognize It,

Why is devil’s tuber poisonous?

Devil’s turnip poisoning is caused by the presence of? anterotoxinsimilar to a polyacetyl alcohol Hemlock Poison (Not in vain, they belong to the same family). Contains the whole plant neurotoxinin particular Subedar Raj, when is between winter and early spring more amount of anthotoxins is concentrated in this umbelfera.

The poison attacks them by swallowing the plant. Central nervous systemreason vimitos, recovery hey Drowningamong other symptoms, and may be respiratory failure, If you notice any signs of poisoning after consuming wild food that is suspected of poisoning, you should go to a hospital, where antidotes are usually available.

How to Identify Satan’s Turnip

The main danger of this plant is that it resembles a variety of common foods. their SheetFor example, can be confused with parsley and issues smell of celery, which leads some to mistakenly believe that it is in front of the fleshy stem of the apicia. Similarly, the most toxic area, Subedar RajSize of a. reminds me of with them, yucca o Other edible tubers. The root of Oenthe crocata oozes out due to the liquid yellow That when it is cut with a knife, it comes out.

their Sheet Son stem – come straight from the stem – and its Floresdespite of being White and similar margaritasshort form twist At the end of the stem (inflorescence). The plant flowers between May and June.

devil’s turnip 1,000 meters. grows below altitude in wet areas such as on the coast rose, swamps hey trenches,

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