DGT insists: 200 euro fine for abusing pedestrian crossings


The bicycle is one of the healthiest personal mobility vehicles (PMVs). Its use does not exempt you from compliance with traffic rules.

A cyclist crosses a zebra crossing.
A cyclist crosses a zebra crossing.
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who doesn’t remember anna bottle, Former mayor of Madrid, said to ride an electric bicycle from the shared bicycle public service of Madrid bisimad, There are many politicians who invite us to use the bicycle as a healthy and eco-friendly means of transportation, including T. also includesyou are riveraThird Vice President and Minister of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge.

During the pandemic, the use of the bicycle was seen as an escape valve to avoid confinement, causing severe shortages of bikes, and they had to wait 6 months to be able to enjoy the model. . Out of more than 10 million people who use bicycles, in 2021 about 7.7 million used it during the pandemic and among them, 700,000 started using it in the last year,

However, the bicycle is a personal mobility vehicle (VMP) and thus has been listed by the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) with a constant reminder that, it is subject to traffic rules.

Zebra crossing

is one of them Cross the street or street at the zebra crossing without getting off the bike and to exercise the right of way over other vehicles, exactly as pedestrians, even if cyclists are not pedestrians and, moreover, Driving on sidewalks and pedestrian areas is prohibited, There are many cyclists who know and respect the rules, but there are others who they deliberately ignore or break it Due to which there is anger among the drivers.

The DGT has reminded through its Twitter account that crossing a pedestrian crossing without getting off the bike is a violation which carries 200 euro fine, “Bicycles do not have priority over pedestrian crossings. To cross a pedestrian crossing, it is mandatory to get off the bike and cross it on foot. Crossing a pedestrian crossing without getting off the bike is a fine of 200 euros,

Remember the Civil Guard too On his Twitter account, the frequent zebra crossings are not made for cyclists and warn them that they will have to get off their bikes to cross them. “A zebra crossing is a place that is capable of crossing pedestrians and It is clear that a bicycle is a vehicle, When a cyclist has to cross it, they must get off and walk past. Cyclist! Be a citizen and set an example of compliance with the rules.

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