Diaz in talks with PSOE to offer an additional tax exemption on public transport and power companies


Calvio, for its part, doesn’t rule out a 20 cents per liter discount increase on fuel

Labor Minister Yolanda D.
Labor Minister Yolanda DazimarshalEFE

Second Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Diaz, He assured this Monday that he is talks with the socialist side government involvement Two “Very Positive” Measures to reduce the effect of inflation On citizens: public transport bonus and Collective and A. establishment “Extraordinary” tax on power companies.

Diaz made these statements during his appearance at a breakfast hosted by the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, Jose Luis Escrive, Nueva Economa Frum, which was echoed by Europa Press when asked about the measures that should be included. should be done or modified. anti-crisis decree That the government plans to extend until 30 September and that includes a 20 cents bonus on fuel for all citizens.

Daz, who “has been on the side of”discrimination“Those who receive this bonus and do not encourage the use of hydrocarbons, have emphasized “Incomprehensible” that gives discounts on petrol or diesel And don’t do this, for example, with rail transport. Nearby o d Metro,

With this measure, the Vice President has pointed out that a . consisting of “Extraordinary” Tax on Electricity To compensate citizens for the “huge transfers” to these companies due to rising energy prices.

In the wake of the “inflationary situation”, Diaz defended that the time had come to impose this tax on electricity companies and stressed that “there has never been a greater transfer of income from citizens to electricity companies in a democracy because of electricity prices”. Didn’t happen.” energy”.

“Electric companies must commit to our country“, underlined the Vice President, who specified that this tax is already being implemented in several countries and is a recommendation of both the OECD and the European Commission. “It is nothing extraordinary”, he has emphasized.

Increase bonus of 20 cents per liter

First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calvio, for her part, has assured that the government is analyzing Change measures aimed at reducing the rise in energy prices and has not ruled out the possibility of Increase the current bonus per liter of fuel.

Calvio, who is in Barcelona to attend various events, was the first to recall that the government’s president, Pedro Sánchez, has already announced the current bonus of 20 cents. will get longer over time (next ending June 30).

Subsequently, and in response to a question whether the amount of the bonus would be increased, he explained that “what we are going to do is to analyze whether amendments or changes should be made to ensure that These measures are as effective as possible” to help the consumer.

The Vice President also pointed out that Spain’s low energy dependency Russia This further explains the effect of war in rising inflation. Despite this complicated context, the minister stressed that all forecasts point to a “very rapid recovery for Spain” this year.

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