Difficult path of return of students: “Now there is no commuting anywhere”

Ramiro’s club face the Final Four for promotion to the ACB, where Marc Gasol’s Girona looks like a great opponent. Captain Bayern and promising Ruban Dominguez talk about the complicated season at LEB: “Expectations were one, reality, another.”

Ruban Dominguez and Xavi Bayern as they pose for The World in Magarios.Angel Navarrete


A world champion, one of the great promises of a national mine, and a historical figure who wants to escape from a well. Mornings are quiet at the Antonio Magarios Pavilion, where silence and darkness reign before the Movistar Estudiantes training session. His first season away from the highest tier of Spanish basketball has been marked by expectations. “You have to go up, so yeah. We said it too much, we put a lot of pressure on it,” she is honest. Xavier Bernie (Madrid, 1987), who, after a lifetime at the ACB, returned to the club, where he was coached to try for promotion.

But at Estu, in entanglements in recent days, which on two occasions descended into play, until the Dispatch confirmed it last summer, nothing is easy. “LEB Oro has surprised us. Initially the expectations were high, it seemed that everything is going to be very easy, but the reality is different”, confirms Ruban Dominguez (Cediz, 2003), a pearl of about two meters that is the flag of a mine that has nurtured Spanish baskets for decades. After an exciting start, problems soon followed, a change of coach… and a direct ticket to the Endesa League was stolen by Grenada. Now after beating Valladolid in the quarterfinals, they will have to fight for second place in a diabolical Final Four next Saturday, June 18.

and there will be fall Mark Gasolo, which serves as a local in Fontajau. And in the semifinals, Palencia, who “we’ve won both games.” Because Estu will be the favorite again, by name, by squad, by budget, by history. He is two games away from returning to where he was for the 64 years of his existence. But not only play on the court. “Logically there was and we have to go up, yes. But maybe that pressure has taken its toll on us. But that’s what we want: I’ve come for him, Ruban has stayed for him…”, Bayern admits World gold in China with Spain not even three years ago.

“There are more traps”

with their return, with references like Edwin Jackson or Darrell Poirier (both were injured early for the entire season), always with promising home players and jota caspinera Under control, the Ramiro team put together a team created to destroy, while consolidating the economic belt after exile. “But the category is very tough, very different from ACB. And we have been rivals to beat. Those are the excuses, you have to get used to it. And then there’s the character. The teams in the lower-middle section have more surprises for us. happened,” Bayern recalled the experience and Ruban confirmed his words: “You can see that playing for cheating and failure. They’re not going to fail. With AP we’re going to be more aware of how it’s played in LEB”.

Angel Navarrete

because a few weeks ago Diego Epifanio, a specialist in promotion (he has climbed Burgos and Breon in recent years). And with that, Estu will face a crucial Rubicon over the weekend for an entity trying to maintain its identity.

ask.- Have you noticed people’s support?

Xavier Bayern.- The last game I played was with millions of kids. I hope we are only in LEB this year, but I am sure they will follow Estu. Many don’t even know the category and like it that way. We have a support we feel. 7,000-8,000 people come to see us against teams they had never heard of in their lives, it is appreciated.

Ruban Dominguez.- This is the year of reflection, of returning to what is ours. We have illusions. Leaving this step behind, we want to build a foundation for the years to come, so that there is no more movement.

P.– It seemed that the mine was going to get more prominence?

JB- It was not as pleasant life as we thought. Not here to see what happens. And we have no room for error, neither the youth nor me. People can say, take the kids out. But it’s not easy. This is also an injustice to them.

P.- Is joventut a mirror?

JB- Hopefully, because they have the financial strength. As with many Spaniards, it is good to see a Spanish coach with importance, with weight. That line is important: returning players and kids with hope. We need financial solvency. We already have a hobby.

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